How to Clear Default Apps on Android

One of the many things that makes the Android mobile OS great and so popular is the option to choose how things are done and how open the system is.

The best example is when you try to play a video on Facebook, select a picture, or play a song from an email, you see that familiar “Complete action using” popup that lets you choose any app you want to complete. action. Using YouTube or the built-in video player, or choosing something like VLC or Google Music to play songs. This is a useful feature, but sometimes users choose the wrong app as the default app and the video won’t work. Below we explain how to reset this setting and get the popup to select this option again.

Above is a good example of this. When you click on a link someone has shared with a social networking page on Google+, we are asked whether we want to open the link with the Chrome Browser or via the dedicated app. Choose the wrong thing and press the “always” button; your phone always defaults to the wrong app for the process and can cause problems. However, a simple reset will allow you to fix this.

In most cases, you’ll get multiple options when trying to attach a photo to a Facebook Messenger message, take a photo from Dropbox or your gallery, or many other tasks. This is because tasks can be completed in various ways, so Android is very powerful. The problem is that users usually set this as action all the time, not just once. One tap is in trouble, but going to settings might fix it.

Clear Default Apps

If Facebook is always opening a video that a friend or family member shared on the wrong app and it won’t play as a result, resetting or clearing the default app option will fix this issue. So the next time you try to open a video on Facebook, your phone will ask you which app you want to use to complete the task, and YouTube will most likely be the selection option. Here’s how to clear default apps on Android.

clear settings

Select the app (e.g. Facebook), then scroll down and tap the button. This much. The next time you go to Facebook, you will have the option to choose how to complete any given task.


While the general button and “App info” page may vary by Android version or production skin (like Samsung), the general steps should all stay the same and be in roughly the same spot. Just scroll down and find the app and clear its default settings. Make sure you do not tap “Clear data” as it will delete all settings, login and information from a particular app.

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It really is that simple. Most users have this issue on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, but the popup often appears in emails and text messages when trying to interact with media, add images, or even watch a video. If you don’t have a 3rd party video or music player installed, this isn’t usually an issue.

Make sure you tap “Only once” this time or make the right choice before selecting “always” or you may find yourself clearing default apps once again.

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