How To Check Your Facebook News Feed To See Related Posts

Since its inception in 2006, Facebook News Feed has undergone many fundamental changes. Being able to see your friend’s status updates, pictures, videos in one news feed and connect with brands is at the heart of the Facebook experience. News Feed aims to show you the stories that matter most to you as identified by Facebook. Edgerank algorithm. But sometimes things can go wrong and you may not see the posts you really meant to see in your Facebook News Feed. Fortunately, you have a fair amount of control over what you see in your News Feed, from inbuilt customization options to various third-party solutions. So today I’m going to show you Here’s how to change the Facebook News Feed to see related posts:

Use Facebook News Feed Preferences

The Facebook News Feed Preferences pane gives you a few options to customize what goes to your news feed. to access News Feed preferencesClick the three horizontal dots next to “news feed” in the left pane and click on “Edit Preferences“.

If you are using the mobile app, “MoreTap the ” tab and tap on “Settings” > “News Feed Preferences“.


  • Change People’s Priority in News Feed

The first option on the News Feed Preferences page is “Prioritize who you see first” allows you to select your friends whose posts will always appear at the top of your News Feed. choose friends you don’t want to miss any story and then “Completed“.


  • Hide Specific People’s Posts From News Feed

The second option is “Unfollow people to hide their posts” allows you to unfollow people so that their posts will no longer appear in your News Feed. You will remain friends with them after you unfollow and they habit You will be notified that you have unfollowed them. Choose your pesky coworker who shares pictures of her daily meals here and click “Completed“.


a a few more options — to discover new pages to like and reconnect with people already followed. But if you want to reduce the clutter in your News Feed, you don’t want to change these settings for now.

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  • Set News Feed While Browsing

Apart from the options mentioned above, you can change some News Feed preferences while you have your news feed. Browse News Feed, on the go. For example, if you don’t want to see a post, simply click the thumbnail. down arrow On the right side of the post and “hide post“. Facebook will make it show you fewer posts like this.


  • Unlike Pages whose Posts You Don’t Want

We’re all guilty of liking pages wildly in the early days of Facebook. Let’s cut the number of posts in your News Feed by page. Click on your profile name, mouse over “MoreClick the ” tab and select the “Love“. Unlike pages where you don’t want to see their posts anymore (Beebom is posting some cool stuff) On Facebookso I hope you stay connected with us!).

Hide Posts by Specific Image Type

In this section, I will introduce you to FB Purity, a very powerful browser extension for Facebook. Available for free download for all major web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Dozens of FB Purity your options Customize the Facebook News Feed, but for this part, we will focus on how to hide certain images from News Feed. While I admit I enjoy memes, I certainly don’t want my Facebook News Feed to be taken over by them. Let’s say you don’t want to see a certain type of image like baby images or cat images, FB Purity has got you covered.

After installing the FB Purity browser extension, a “FBP” option that appears next to your profile name in the top navigation bar. Click on it.


Next, “photo stories“You can see it here”Hide Image Based on ContentHere you can check any of the categories that you find annoying or better, manually enter the subject of the picture to hide all the pictures in that category, and click “Save and close“.


It uses Facebook’s own AI for image recognition, so it should work pretty well. Notice how it filters certain types of images and explains the matching filter underneath. If you’re wondering how to access filtered images, “To show” as well as the extra at the top of your News Feed.


Hide Posts Containing a Specific Word

How do you stay sane when you are constantly being bombarded with political posts all over your News Feed? Or that infuriated friend who always posts the latest Game of Thrones spoilers? Enter FB Purity Text Filterhere you can hide posts containing a certain word.

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Click “FBP” option next to your profile name in the top navigation bar. Below Text Filter, you will see a large text input field. you can here type all the words you want to filter From your News Feed, each on a new line and “Save and close“When you’re done.

Control_your_facebook_newsfeed_10It also supports regular expressions so you can mix and match words with your own creativity. There’s a nice little guide on setup on their support site custom text filters. Here is an example of text filtering in action when I choose to filter all posts containing the word “.love”-


Note how the post is hidden from my regular News Feed and accompanied by the reason for hiding, in this case “Matching text filter – love“Again, if you are wondering how to access filtered images”To show” as well as the extra at the top of your News Feed.

Hide Other Specific Post Types

All sorts of posts or stories appear in News Feed these days – images, videos, check-ins, life events, shared memories and much more. FB Purity allows you to filter almost any type of story from your News Feed. Not a fan of seeing people check-in when they travel? you can hide Only He. Open FBP and click “Various types of storiesIt has literally every type of story listed that Facebook currently has. Tick the type of story you want to hide and click “Save and close“.


An important thing to note is that the scope of FB Purity is limited to the browser in which it is installed. You cannot customize your News Feed using FB Purity if you primarily access Facebook via the mobile app or mobile browser, as extensions do not work in mobile browsers. When accessing Facebook from the mobile app or mobile browser, your best bet is to personalize your News Feed using the built-in options Facebook offers.

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Take Control of Your Facebook News Feed Using These Tips

Using these default options and third-party browser extensions, you can take your Facebook experience to a whole new level by editing your News Feed. If you have any other tips on how to customize the Facebook News Feed to show only relevant posts, share them with our fellow readers in the comments section below.