How To Check If Your Mac Apps Are Compatible With OS X Mountain Lion

Now that OS X Mountain Lion has arrived on the Mac App Store, it’s easy to update to the latest Mac OS, but if you’re using your machine for work, you might want to take it slow.

Yes, OS X Mountain Lion is easily worth the $20 upgrade cost, but not all apps are compatible with the new system.

This can cause a lot of headaches, wasted time and lost productivity. Checking application compatibility with OS X Mountain Lion is particularly important because there is no simple rollback feature to start using OS X Lion again.

Check OS X Mountain Lion application compatibility at RoaringApps.

In the past you may have to visit 40 different websites to check which of your apps are compatible with OS X Mountain Lion, but thanks RoaringApps.comit’s easy to check the OS X compatibility of many apps from one location.

The Mac app compatibility chart makes it easy to search for your apps by name and offers quick links to the developer website if you need to check further about compatibility or look at when a developer plans to release a compatible version of OS X Mountain Lion. application.

Users can search by name, developer and sort the list to show only incompatible apps. The tables are updated regularly and include comments from users who have questions or are already using the software on OS X Mountain Lion.

Roaring Apps is a free service and a highly recommended stop before upgrading to OS X Mountain Lion. Browse for more Things to do before upgrading to OS X Mountain Lion.

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