How to Check Heart Rate Recovery on Apple Watch and iPhone

As someone who follows the age-old adage that “health is wealth”, I track my fitness in a variety of ways with the Apple Watch, including HRR tracking. For those wondering how to see heart rate recovery on the Apple Watch, and more importantly, what it means, let me spell it out briefly. Heart rate recovery measures the rate of decrease in heart rate after a workout. Specifically, HRR Used in many fitness tests to analyze the heart’s ability to recover from exercise because it plays a vital role estimating a person’s fitness level. So if you’re willing to check heart recovery on your watchOS device or go through all the HRR data on your iPhone and understand where your cardiovascular health is, you’ve come to the right place to start!

View Heart Rate Recovery on Apple Watch and iPhone

Since heart rate recovery plays a big role in keeping our body fit, it’s better to dive into some details.

What is HRR and Why Should You Take It Seriously?

According to several studies, the rate at which our heart rate drops is only It depends on how quickly the nervous system moves from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic.. For the uninitiated, the sympathetic nervous system directs the body’s rapid involuntary response to tense or dangerous situations, while the parasympathetic (also known as the resting and digestive system) slows the heart rate to conserve energy. Our body’s ability to switch between these two nervous systems has a significant impact on health. In addition, HRR is thought to be an indicator of not only cardiovascular disease but also mortality.

What should be the ideal Pulse Recovery numbers?

Less than 12 beats in the first minute after exercise It is an indicator of abnormal heart rate recovery. Similarly, HRR less than 22 hits It is a strong indicator of serious health problems (and even the risk of death). So, if your numbers are 13 or more after 1 minute of exercise and 22 or higher after 2 minutes, you don’t have to worry about your fitness. Now that you’ve mastered HRR well, let’s get to the quick steps, shall we?

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See Your Heart Rate Improve on Apple Watch

  1. start Pulse The app on your Apple Watch.

2. Now scroll down. you should see one recovery partition if you have saved a workout for the day. Tap on it to dive into the details.

recovery partition

3. Next, you will see how much your rate has dropped after training. The heart rate should then show BPM. 1 and 2 minutes. After 1/2 minute it should show something like 20/30 BMP.

Browse HRR data on Apple Watch

Note: In some cases it may take a while for the Apple Watch to display the BPM number (ie see screenshot above). So don’t be confused if the watch doesn’t show data right after you complete your last lap.

Check Heart Rate Recovery on iPhone

If you want to view the HRR data for previous days, you have to (you guessed it) enter the Activity app.

1. When you match iPhonehungry Activity application.

Open the Activity app on your iPhone

2. Now select the day you want to check the data.

Check HRR in activity app

3. Next, scroll down and select a saved workout. After that, swipe from right to left Pulse episode. Come in! Your heart rate recovery data will be right there for you to view.

View HRR data in the Activity app on iPhone

Track Heart Rate Recovery Data Using Your Apple Watch and iPhone

That is all! So you can keep track of HRR data using your watchOS device or iPhone. Check back often to have a better idea of ​​where your fitness is, as it’s a vital fitness indicator. Since we’re talking about health and fitness, I recommend you take a look at the best calorie trackers and workout apps that can help you get fitter and stronger. Do you have any feedback? Be sure to sound off in the comments below.