How to Check Data Usage on Galaxy S6

This guide will show Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge owners how to check and monitor their data usage to not exceed carrier limits, set alerts and even open data limits to save users from carriers excessive usage charges. .

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge feature large Quad-HD displays that can display content in full 1080p HD or higher, and fast 4G LTE internet access for movie streaming and more. As a result, users are likely exceeding data limits provided by carriers in the United States and around the world.

The days of true unlimited data plans are long gone, few still have unlimited plans from some carriers. Instead, most users have switched to tiered data plans, and those that offer “Unlimited Data” have capped speeds after a certain amount, usually around 2GB. Below we will go over how to monitor your data usage on Galaxy S6.

Before we begin, it’s worth noting that some carriers claim that the data usage meter on our Android smartphones may differ slightly from actual usage, so don’t perceive this as the only way to monitor data usage on the Galaxy S6 or any Android smartphone. That said, the numbers are usually pretty accurate and safe enough to use to make sure you don’t go over your allocation.

When it comes to Android, it’s extremely easy to control your data usage and is front and center on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge for easy access. They have also placed a nice usage reminder in the data usage settings menu and a mobile data limit that will completely stop data once a user reaches a certain limit.

Here’s how to control and monitor your data usage, which apps can steal all your data, set an alert, and much more.


There are several ways to enter the “data usage” settings on the Galaxy S6, and each carrier also has a slightly different menu. On our AT&T Galaxy S6 it’s located in the first column under “Quick Settings” otherwise owners will want to scroll through to see the overview shown below.


This shows you an overview of data usage on the smartphone. Usually things like YouTube, Facebook, Google Chrome, Play Store or streaming video apps like WatchESPN and Sling TV are at the top. However, this is also the area where you can scroll down and look for rogue apps that are using more data than they should.

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There’s an easy-to-understand bar chart, an area where you can change the monthly cycle to match your carrier’s monthly billing, and an easy slider that users can move up or down to set an initial data usage reminder. Then toggle the “Set mobile data limit” tab to set a limit that will actually turn off your 4G LTE if you reach your threshold.

G6-data limit

As shown above, we now have a warning reminder on the Galaxy S6 that will go off with 3GB usage, and a hard data limit where 4G LTE data will actually go off at 5GB. This is completely replaceable by the end user and it’s a great idea to do it in general or on a child’s smartphone.

If users have higher data limits than shown, simply press and slide the bar up to meet the level you need. I have a 10GB plan so alert is usually set to 5GB and mobile limit is not set as most places I frequent have WiFi so I never go over my limit.

Follow these steps to monitor data usage, manage data, find rogue apps or better understand what’s going on with your smartphone on Galaxy S6. For more tips, check out our 65 Galaxy S6 Tips and Tricks.

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