How to Check Carrier IQ on Your Android Phone

Yesterday we told you about Carrier IQ, an analytics software that is installed on more than 140 million devices but is controversial for its existence. And while there are still quite a few questions to be answered, there is one that can be answered today thanks to the man François Simond aka. super curiosity.

This question, of course, is: “Do I have Carrier IQ on my Android phone?”

Your answer is in Simond.

It has developed a simple little app called VooDoo Carrier IQ Detector that is compatible with any Android device and any Android device owner who wants to know if Carrier IQ is currently installed on their device. The best part is that you don’t need to be rooted to use it.

You can only head HereGrab it from the Android Market and boom, you’re at work.

Now, the app will not remove it from your phone. To do this, you need to root your phone and install a custom ROM without Carrier IQ. You can also use this handy little tool called Journal Test App. download from XDA and then buy license From Android Market.

You must be rooted to use the Logging Test app.

And don’t think this is the last thing we hear from Carrier IQ.

We just have begun.

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