How to Change Your Name in Clash of Clans

Today is a update has arrived One of the biggest and most successful mobile games for Android and iOS, Clash of Clans, along with tons of new features, has finally provided something users have been asking for for over two years. You can now easily change your name or nickname (only once) in Clash of Clans and we’ll explain how to do it below.

Last night and this morning, SuperCell released a major update for Clash of Clans on Android and iPhone called the “Air Sweeper update”. While this aims to balance gameplay, improve features, fine-tune multiplayer and clan wars, it also introduced a feature or option that has been sorely needed since the game was released more than two years ago.

Before today, users had to email the customer support line at Supercell and hope they got a response, then have a valid reason to change their in-game name. game developers. It warns you that you can’t change your name in the first game, but users arguably make stupid names and regret later when they become completely dependent on Clash of Clans, including my clanmates. Read on to see how easy it is to replace it now.

This morning’s update introduces a new Air Sweeper defensive unit that essentially blows air and slows down air strikes, possibly all humans attacking with balloons or minions. It doesn’t do any damage, but slows down any LavaLoon attacks you’re likely to experience.


Airstrikes have been a bit unfair and unstable lately, and with this new unit, it will get a little better. The full changelog can be viewed here, and there are a lot of things you’ll want to check in the “Clan War Army Preview” and “Matchmaking tweaks”. There are some major changes that should make multiplayer and Clan Wars much better. This is about changing your name in Clash, so let’s get started.


As the update states, you’ll only be able to change your name once in Clash of Clans, and this only becomes an option once your Town Hall reaches level 5. This has been a major complaint on the forums for months and here it is. how to change it at the end.

When looking at your base while in the normal home area, it’s near the bottom right corner of the screen. Now, with everything that was here before, if you tap on “” you will notice that there is a brand new “” button. Tap this, but be careful. Click on the images below for full-size previews and how-tos.

A box will pop up asking you to enter and change your in-game name, again warning you that you can only change your name. Once upon a time. Enter the new name you want to enjoy during the game and select continue. You will be asked to type again to confirm what you want, then a third confirmation page will have you type CONFIRM in all caps. While I’m telling you over and over, you might only get one chance. I haven’t tried it myself as I don’t want to waste my one-time change, but the game will probably restart with your new name changed. If it takes a while to change, it’s server-side and the changes should be reflected soon, if not immediately.

Change your name

That’s it and you’re done. You’ve now successfully changed your name in Clash of Clans, the only time you can do this. It’s worth mentioning that you can still hit the help and support tab, contact us, and email the developer and request a name change. You will instantly receive an email response saying this is not possible, but within 1-2 days you may receive a follow-up email from a genuine representative who will change this for you.

This is not ideal and takes several days to complete. So you’ll want to use the brand new in-game renaming feature only once and choose wisely because this may be your only chance. Now that they’ve added this to the actual game settings, we hope the email replies won’t be too willing or forgiving to change that for you.

You’re done. Don’t choose something stupid, enjoy your new name and improved gameplay arrangements, better Clan War matchmaking and everything else that comes with the 30/04/2015 update. If you’re new to Clash, here are 9 beginner tips.

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