How to change the color of your smartphone’s notification LED?

Do you see that little glowing dot on your phone as soon as you receive a message or friend request on Facebook? This can be very useful when we are busy with something else and we are not paying attention to our cell phone with the silent, vibrator turned off, placed a few meters away from us. A question arises as a last resort to get our attention: how to change the color of this led ?

We like the change too, we may wonder how to change the color of this diode for notifications because that is one of the limitations of this device. lack of diversity : one color available (in general) and one screen pattern for all applications. However, it is clear that some notifications cross our minds more easily than others, so is it possible to assign colors for different applications?

How to change notification LED color

There are several solutions not necessarily root gives you the ability to assign colors from your smartphone and still to your apps. That’s not all, you can even create specific flashing sequences. Some custom ROMs already offer this functionality in their options, but most common apps don’t allow it.

Here are two app suggestions that will make it easy to assign a color to your notification LED.

Light Flow

Light Flow application

This app is probably notorious for doing this kind of customization in your notifications. offers you many great features for example, going through all the colors of the rainbow one after the other to make your notification LED a light set (we’re not exaggerating) worthy of the biggest nightclubs of the 70s.

While not stopping at colors, it’s also possible to assign sound and vibration sequences for each of your apps. Light Flow is also compatible with the Pebble Watch and seamlessly delivers your alerts to the connected watch.

A free version is available on the Play Store and gives you access to various functions. The paid version gives you almost 600 different notification types for € 1.99. However, it seems that incompatibilities have been noted on LG and Samsung.

Free version:

Change LED color notifications

Paid version :

Change LED color notifications

Light Manager

Light Manager

place it here completely free app. Light Manager is aptly named as it is indeed possible to manage the colors of your notification diode as you wish, the main difference being that this app pushes the limits imposed by Light Flow.

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First, because Light Manager is compatible with more notifications from the system or an app. Moreover set the colors you want display for this or that notification, but also set the display frequency.

Be careful though, users on Android 4.1 or 4.2 will have to root their device to be able to run these modified notifications in third-party apps. Android versions 4.3 and above won’t have to go through this somewhat restrictive box. For more information about root, here.

change color smartphone notifications
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If you don’t care about sounds and vibration patterns and just want to know how to change the color of your smartphone’s notification LED, then Go to Light Manager Who knows how to fulfill your desires without you spending a penny. If you know of other methods or applications to change the color of the diodes, feel free to send them to us via comments!

Finally, keep in mind that this doesn’t work on all smartphones, indeed some smartphones have notification LEDs that only show 3 colors while others only offer white. Therefore, you will have to do the test yourself to find out if it works on your smartphone.