How to Change the Color of Subtitles on YouTube on Phone and PC

All phones, computers, tablets, broadcasters and others show subtitles in a similar format. You will see white text on a black background with variable opacity. However, not everyone, especially older people, is a fan of such a format. What if someone wants to change the color of subtitles in some apps like YouTube? How does one do this? Find the answer in this post.

Subtitles have many benefits. They come in handy when you are not familiar with the language in the video. They’re also helpful if you have trouble understanding an accent. Finally, if someone is hard of hearing, subtitles will come to the rescue. All these advantages are meaningless if one cannot read the subtitles properly.

In this post, we will tell you how to customize the color and other features of subtitles for YouTube on Android, iOS and PC. We’ve also mentioned some fixes if you’re experiencing issues with your subtitles, such as gray captions or low-contrast captions. Lets start.

How to Change YouTube Caption Color on PC

Here are the steps to change subtitle on YouTube website on computer.

Stage 1: Launch the YouTube website and open any video.

step 2: Click the settings icon on the video. Next, click on Subtitles/CC.

Change the color of subtitles youtube 1

Stage 3: Click Options.

Change the color of subtitles youtube 2

Step 4: Here, color, font, background color etc. You can customize everything related to your subtitles, such as Click on the Font color to change the color of your subtitles.

change youtube 3 subtitle color

How to Change YouTube Color Captions on YouTube for Android

Stage 1: Launch the YouTube app on your Android phone and tap the profile picture icon at the top.

Change the color of subtitles youtube 4

step 2: Tap on Settings.

Change the color of subtitles youtube 5

Stage 3: Tap on Subtitles.

change youtube 6 subtitle color

Step 4: Tap on Subtitle style. You will see various pre-built caption styles. If you like one of them, tap on it to apply.

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change youtube 7 subtitle color
change youtube 8 subtitle color

Alternatively, click Custom. A new set of customization options will appear. Change them according to your preference.

change youtube 9 subtitle color

If you noticed carefully in the screenshots above, the settings are not from YouTube. They are from your Android phone. So yes, YouTube’s subtitles depend on your phone settings. When you change them, they will change for all the apps on your phone.

You can directly access the subtitle settings by going to Settings on your phone. Next, go to Accessibility. Tap on Subtitles or Subtitles. If the option is not directly available, tap on Hearing and then tap on Subtitles.

change youtube 10 subtitle color
change youtube 11 subtitle color

How to Change YouTube Color Captions on YouTube for iOS

On iOS, caption customization settings depend on your phone. You have to change it directly from the phone settings. To do this, follow these steps:

Stage 1: Open Settings on your iPhone and go to General.

Change the color of subtitles youtube 12

step 2: Tap on Accessibility.

Change the color of subtitles youtube 13

Stage 3: Scroll down and tap on Subtitles & Subtitles under the Media section.

Change the color of subtitles youtube 14

Step 4: Tap on Style. Choose your subtitle type from the given options or tap on Create new style to customize it according to your preference.

Change the color of subtitles youtube 16
Change the color of subtitles youtube 15

Fix YouTube Subtitles Seeing Gray

If you notice gray captions that are hard to read on YouTube, there are two ways to fix it.

Method 1: Change Font Opacity or Background

In this method, repeat the above-mentioned steps to change the color of your subtitles. On the subtitle changes screen, tap on Font opacity. Increase it to 100%. Similarly, change the background color if the problem persists. This works on both PC and mobile devices.

Change the color of subtitles youtube 18

Method 2: Reset Subtitle Customization

In this method you need to reset all the customizations you have made to your subtitles. You don’t have to do this manually.

Here’s how to do this on different devices.

Reset Subtitles on Computer

For this, repeat the steps as shown above to open the subtitle customization screen on the computer. So click the Settings icon on the video, go to Subtitles > Options. Scroll down in the options and click on Reset.

Change the color of subtitles youtube 17

Reset Subtitles on Android and iOS

On Android and iOS, repeat the steps to turn on subtitle customization as shown above. Next, you need to choose the default subtitle style. Select Use app default on Android and select Transparent Background on iOS.

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Bonus Tip: Add Subtitles to Your Videos

If you are a beginner YouTube creator, you must be thinking about how subtitles look on YouTube. Well, you have to add them yourself. YouTube automatically creates captions wherever possible if the creator didn’t add them. Learn how to add captions to your YouTube videos even after uploading.

Change Is Here

We hope you were able to change the subtitle color on YouTube. Changing the subtitle color from default black to white helps people with vision problems. You can also try dark mode in Google apps and see if it suits you.

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