How to Change OnePlus 6T APN Settings

Whether you bought the OnePlus 6T from T-Mobile or unlocked it, this guide will show you how to change the OnePlus 6T APN settings. These are the settings you need to change to use your phone with different carriers.

APN stands for “Access Point Name” and is essentially a gateway to carrier networks. It gives your phone the information needed to communicate with AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and more. This way you will be able to get 4G LTE or send text and picture messages.

For some devices or networks, these settings change automatically when you insert a SIM card. However, sometimes it doesn’t work. If so, you’ll have to find the APN settings yourself and configure them manually. Only then will you be able to use the OnePlus 6T on a carrier other than where you bought it.

How to Change OnePlus 6T APN Settings

The steps to find the right menu in settings vary with different phones, but on the 6T with stock Android 9 Pie it should be pretty easy.

If APN information is not displayed, you will have to enter it manually. If you insert a SIM card into the phone and reboot, the phone should automatically pull up the required APN settings. Try this first. Otherwise, tap the button in the top corner to get started.

You will see lots of weird stuff like name, proxy, mmsc, port and protocol. It sounds confusing, but you don’t need to know what they mean. All you need to know is what values ​​or words to put in each category. You can get this information from your carrier or a quick Google search.

As you can see above, I hit ADD and started adding the necessary information for T-Mobile’s APN settings. Enter all required lines of text, skip where it says “not set”, then select the three dots at the top and tap . You can edit what’s already there or enter your own.

Now your OnePlus 6T can communicate with T-Mobile base stations and you will get full 4G LTE, HDVoice and sending picture messages should work. Or buy the phone from T-Mobile to avoid the hassle. You can find the APN settings for: verizon here and there.

As a reminder, fill in (or leave blank) sections exactly as you see them where you get the APN details. If a line is blank or says “not determined”, leave it that way. Do not enter more than necessary.

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