How to Change iPhone Voicemail Message

This guide will show you how to change iPhone voicemail message in iOS 9. Even if you don’t use the iPhone for calls very often, this is a great thing to do as you can send more calls to voicemail.

If you don’t make any changes, the default iPhone voicemail message is pretty bland and not very professional. It’s a good idea to replace the iPhone voicemail message with something more professional, or at least something that lets callers know they’ve reached the right person.

You may not remember how to call voicemail to set up visual voicemail. We will show you how to record a new iPhone voicemail message and listen to your current one.

Learn how to set up a custom iPhone voicemail greeting or message.

We recommend that you include your name and a short message, especially if you are using this phone for business purposes.

With Visual Voicemail in iOS 9, you can easily listen to a Voicemail and also record or send a message to someone else via iMessage or email.

Setting up a new voicemail message is the same on any iPhone running iOS 9 or later. Use the steps below to set up a custom iPhone voicemail message.

Tap on the home screen.

Then tap the tab at the bottom right of the screen.

Set up a custom iPhone voicemail greeting.

Set up a custom iPhone voicemail greeting.

When this screen appears, all your old voicemails will be displayed. Tap the icon at the top.

There are two options on the greeting page. The standard option is to use the default iPhone voicemail message, but you can also record a private message. If you already have a private iPhone voicemail recorded, tap it to listen now. Otherwise .

You can tap on it to start recording a new iPhone voicemail greeting and Stop when you’re done. to listen so that there is no embarrassing mistake or noise in it. When you are satisfied with the message, tap on the top right.

Record a personal iPhone voicemail message for callers to hear.

Record a personal iPhone voicemail message for callers to hear.

Make sure you don’t shout into the phone while recording a message and record in a quiet place. Setting this up at a restaurant will make your iPhone voicemail greeting sound like you actually picked up the phone.

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If you’re setting up a new iPhone voicemail message for work, it’s a good idea to make sure your message is professional and to avoid common mistakes. strong call It recommends that you do not use the “Your call is very important to us…” option to start your message.

The service also recommends that you provide your name, apologize for missing the call, and call them back. Include a time frame for the callback if possible. Do not confuse or include unnecessary information.

It’s a good idea to keep the iPhone voicemail message short while recording. Ideally, don’t let callers listen to you for more than 25 seconds.

For personal users, a funny iPhone voicemail message might be just what you want. It’s still a good idea to keep it short, but you can have some fun using your iPhone to record a funny voicemail message played over a speaker on your computer or other device.