How to Change Galaxy S6 Quick Settings

When owners first unbox the Samsung Galaxy S6, they will realize that this smartphone has tons of options and settings. So much that it can be overwhelming. While we’ve already detailed many things you’ll want to change right away, below we’ll explain how to change or customize the quick settings options in the notification popup bar on the Galaxy S6.

When Galaxy S6 users pull down the notification bar on them, they will see five icons at the top for quick access to settings like WiFi, Bluetooth and more, and swiping from right to left will reveal five more. But the Galaxy S6 has more to choose from and they are customizable.

Every owner has unique wants, needs and preferences when it comes to using a smartphone, and everyone uses their phone a little differently. Fortunately, Samsung and carriers give us multiple options for these quick settings, and our video below will explain how we can quickly and easily replace them with something else.

Quick Settings was first introduced with Android 4.4 KitKat, but Samsung has been offering these little quick toggle buttons for certain features or settings for a few years now. Simply put, tap the icon and this feature will turn on and another tap will turn it off. It’s a very quick toggle, users have to dig into the settings menu and fiddle with until they find what they need.

If a user is about to board a plane, simply pull down and tap “Airplane mode”; this will enable this setting and turn off all data and WiFi radios, making the device safe for flight. The same tap turns off Airplane mode and prompts you to go back to using your phone, turn Bluetooth on/off, etc. provides.

As we mentioned above, there are five options to choose from, and there are five more when the user switches to the secondary Quick Settings list. In reality, there are many more settings you can add by replacing features you don’t need with something you use more often.

For whatever reason, Samsung allows carriers in the United States to change the options available to the end user in the Quick Settings menu, so each Galaxy S6 will have different options. The AT&T Galaxy S6 has 17 settings to choose from and customize, Verizon offers 19 and T-Mobile has 16. We assume the international version has even more, but we don’t have one.

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In the meantime, let us show you how easy it is to modify them according to the specific wishes and needs of each user. It only takes a few seconds and the video below will show you how.

As you can see, all owners have to do is pull down the notification bar, tap edit in the top right corner and slide any icon into the top five or 10. Once you’ve done that, just tap on done and that’s it. Users can now swipe down from the notification bar and instantly access the 10 most important settings they need.

In previous years WiFi Hotspot was here, the Samsung Remote app for using the built-in infrared sensor to control a TV, and more, but they’ve gradually discontinued some of them and carriers have also removed them. On the Galaxy S5, the remote in Quick Settings was one of my favorite features that is currently missing, but luckily, any user can choose from the list and add as they see fit. An update might bring more in the future, but that’s all that’s available for now.

This is just one of the many different features or customizable options of the Samsung Galaxy S6, and owners can learn more by checking out our 65 Galaxy S6 Tips and Tricks.