How to Change Galaxy S10 Lock Screen and Wallpaper

Here’s how to change Galaxy S10 lock screen and wallpaper so you can take advantage of this beautiful screen. We will explain all the customization options and detail how to use your own images instead of those in the Samsung theme store. Make your phone unique today.

The Galaxy S10 and S10+ both feature large 6.1 or 6.4 inch 3040 x 1440 Quad-HD displays. So for the best experience you will want to get a beautiful HD wallpaper. Also, Samsung lets you use a different image or even a dynamic motion lock screen for both the lock screen and the home screen, so choose wisely. Here’s how to get started, add customization, app shortcuts, themes, and more to your Galaxy.

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There are several different ways to change the background image on your phone. However, it can be confusing because when you navigate to it, it goes to the Samsung theme app instead of the wallpaper settings page. Then, when you look at the images in your gallery and try to set one as wallpaper, you’ll see a different menu to change things up. They both do the same thing, you just have multiple options.

How to Change Your Galaxy S10 Lock Screen and Wallpaper

So if you only want to apply your own image or photo for a wallpaper, for example nice downloadInstead of using Samsung’s confusing theme store, follow these steps.

  1. Find and open your images
  2. Open where or where the wallpaper you downloaded is located
  3. the picture you want to use
  4. Tap in the top right corner of your screen
  5. click
  6. Now, select, lock the screen or

This is the easiest way to quickly add your own wallpaper to Galaxy S10 from images you find yourself. This includes downloading images, photos from your gallery, or using the camera. You can even use a slow-motion video shot with powerful new cameras as a GIF for your wallpaper, lock screen, or always-on display. You can find beautiful wallpapers like mine in Samsung theme store, app. walli or Download Zedge.

Additionally, if you want to use the built-in method and Samsung theme store, here are the instructions.

  1. Pull down the notification bar and the gear-shaped button
  2. choose
  3. Tap “View all” to view and use wallpapers from your gallery, Samsung’s pre-loaded images, or the community and theme store.
  4. Find what you want and then tap .
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How to Change Galaxy S10 Lock screen Wallpaper

You probably noticed in the instructions above or when adding a wallpaper yourself that you have the option to add a picture to your home screen OR lock screen. In fact, Samsung gives you the option to apply any image to the lock screen, home screen or both at the same time.

Follow the same steps above to change your Galaxy S10 lock screen wallpaper. When you find the picture you want to use and hit the apply button, the phone will ask you:

If you only want one photo, choose both, or add a different image for each area on the device. I have a Packers logo on my lock screen and a beautiful live image on my home screen. The choice is yours.

Also, inside it you’ll find tons of options for changing the quick access icons on your lock screen, hiding how many info notifications are displayed, and other customization options. Payment this video For more information.

Then, in October 2019, Samsung added some arrows to the screen for its new “Dynamic Lock screen” feature. It’s pretty cool and you can learn more here or disable it in settings.

Before you go, don’t forget to buy a screen protector so that the screen stays scratch-free, you should probably also get a case and protect your phone from the dangers of everyday life.

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