How to Change Galaxy Note 7 Keyboard

This quick and simple guide will show users how to change the Galaxy Note 7 keyboard to something different and more useful. Samsung’s new phone is one of the best on the market, but it’s not perfect, and now we’re getting a lot of complaints about the keyboard and typing experience as millions of users are enjoying the Galaxy Note 7.

As you know, multiple core items of Android devices can be changed in a few seconds by downloading a 3rd party app. Everything from changing the Note 7 keyboard, text messaging app, dialer or contacts app, browser, camera, calendar and much more. One of the best aspects of Android is being able to customize everything and we’ll explain how here.

The Galaxy Note 7 is a great phone with a big and beautiful 5.7-inch Quad-HD display, stylish bezels, a great camera and more. Whether it’s the first Note you own or a replacement for the Galaxy Note 5, many users struggle with the default keyboard that comes pre-installed on the phone. This could be the controls, the size of the device, or something else. Luckily for us it can be changed in a few seconds so let’s try something different like Google Keyboard or SwiftKey.

Everyone from friends, family and users on social media has been in contact regarding the Galaxy Note 7 keyboard. For whatever reason the autocorrect is somewhat powerful and causes problems, it’s confusing to look at alternative functions for each button, or even the numbers at the top. While most of these are useful and allow owners to do more, faster, some don’t like everything it has to offer.

Most Android manufacturers create their own keyboards for devices, rather than just using the stock Google Keyboard that comes with Android. However, owners can still use Google’s Keyboard, which is my favourite, or one of the many different 3rd party keyboards available in the Google Play Store.

Samsung’s stock keyboard is quite powerful and full of features. Predictive text, automatic spell check, enable scrolling features, a row of numbers at the top, layout controls, pen detection, and more. It has a lot to offer, but sometimes it’s not what users prefer, or something simple may be more appropriate. If you want to replace Galaxy Note 7 keyboard, here it is.

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Like most things, this one can be changed quickly and easily in less than a minute or two settings. The first step is to go to the Google Play Store and download any of the different 3rd party keyboards. The Google Keyboard is my favourite, SwiftKey is hugely popular, and even Swype is still around for those who want to use it.

After downloading a third-party keyboard from the Play Store, open it and follow the instructions. Most will guide owners on how to enable the system to see the keyboard, then change the default keyboard to a new one and allow for some customization. If not, here are the step-by-step instructions after you download one.

Pull down the notification bar and tap the gear-shaped settings icon in the top right or find the settings app in the app tray. We’ll have to turn to.


Above is a screenshot showing what settings you need to choose to navigate to the keyboard controls. After entering the language and input, or select the keyboard you downloaded.

Now tap on Default Keyboard once again and select the keyboard you want to use as shown below.


That’s it and we’re all done. Now the whole phone and system will use the new keyboard instead of Samsung’s built-in option. While in the language and input settings, you can also tap on the Samsung Keyboard, Google Keyboard, SwiftKey or anything you’ve downloaded to access certain settings, customization and options. Most allow owners to change the look and feel, add themes, disable autocorrect, turn off vibrations or keyboard sounds, and more.

Customize your new keyboard exactly the way you want to use it with the controls and features you choose, hit the home button and we’re done. Now enjoy enhanced typing experience on Galaxy Note 7.