How to Change Channels on Xbox One

Microsoft is pioneering a different kind of console with the Xbox One. No longer content with just streaming video, Microsoft designed the Xbox One to be anything for just about anyone. Gamers can use it to play their favorite upcoming games in high definition, and music lovers can use it to stream songs from their Xbox Music collection. Xbox One also allows users to watch live television when paired with the right equipment.

Of course, you cannot change the channel on your Xbox One without first setting up live television on your Xbox One. The gist is still the same. You will need a cable or satellite subscription to use live television on Xbox One. You will also need a set-top box with HDMI output provided by your cable or satellite company. We covered the entire installation process here: How to Watch Live TV on Your Xbox Oneso if you’re just getting started with your Xbox One, you’ll want to start by reading this complete setup.

Changing channels seamlessly also depends on whether you have Xbox OneGuide installed or not. By default, it is included in the setup process and our review for live television. There is something to keep in mind if you notice that your TV is not returning the correct channels.

with your voice

You have finished the setup process and want to change the channel on your Xbox One. One of the great things about the Kinect 2 sensor and its integration with Xbox One is that you don’t actually have to be inside the television app to change a channel.

With your Kinect 2 sensor attached, “” and the name of the channel. Immediately, the Xbox One will open the television app and switch to the channel you said. This command also works from within the TV app.

Often times, we don’t know what we want to watch until we look at its name on a TV list. This is good. There are voice commands for that too. Say “” to open the Xbox One interactive program list that is currently airing and will be released at some point in the future. You can say “Xbox, Jump up” or “Xbox, Jump down” to see more listings. Saying “Xbox, Before” or “Xbox, Later” lets you scroll through programs in chronological order. There is another command inside OneGuide that is always handy to me. Say “Xbox, What’s On…” and say the name of a single channel. OneGuide will take you to that channel and show you what is being broadcast.

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With Xbox One Controller

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It’s convenient to navigate the Xbox One television interface with your voice while you work. Sometimes, it just doesn’t happen for any reason. That’s okay because you can use the Xbox One controller to avoid talking to the console at all. While inside the TV app, press the button on the Xbox One controller. Then use the left joystick to navigate OneGuide. If you want to bypass OneGuide altogether, use channel navigation.

With your iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or Windows Pone

Xbox One SmartGlass on iPhone

With one of the latest Xbox One updates, Microsoft has added the ability for SmartGlass app users to look at OneGuide and use their phone as a universal remote to switch channels and more. You need to download the SmartGlass app from the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store or Windows Phone Store. Then sign in with the same username and password as your Xbox One. Open the menu on the right and tap OneGuide. When you change a channel here, it will also change on your TV.

There is a catch with this method. You must be on the same wireless network as your console to use it.

With Hand Gestures

Finally, you can also use the Xbox One’s Kinect 2 sensor to change the channel on your console using hand gestures. When sitting or standing in front of your Xbox One’s Kinect 2 sensor, r. Hold it there until a handprint appears on your screen. Look for a guide icon that will appear at the bottom right of your screen. Move your hand and then move your hand forward slightly to select. You can now change channels in OneGuide.

To be clear, Microsoft doesn’t seem to want you to stick to one method. In fact, I’m sure most users mix and match them. This is good. If a method works for you, that’s fine too, as long as you find it convenient. If you’re considering buying an Xbox One, it’s important to note that live television only works smoothly when you buy the more expensive Xbox One with Kinect bundle for $499.

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