How to Change Background Color in Google Docs

Does this default white document background in Google Docs bore you? Why not replace it with another color that will get your creative energy flowing? Since Google’s word processor is mostly geared towards sharing and collaboration, changing the background color will also help add your touch of personality and take things a step further.

However, the Google Docs web app is the most flexible when it comes to changing the background color. It literally lets you pick any color you want. The mobile app for Android, iOS, and iPadOS also lets you change the background color of documents, but in a somewhat limited form.

Google Docs – Web Application

Changing the background color in a document is ridiculously easy with the Google Docs web app. You can do this for both new and existing documents.

The web app also lets you set any background color by default, but this only applies to newer documents you create.

Unfortunately, you cannot have different background colors for certain pages in the same Google Docs document.

Stage 1: Open a new or existing document in the Google Docs web app.

Step 2: Open the File menu and select the option labeled Page Setup.

Google Docs Background 1

Stage 3: Expand the color picker under Page Color.

Google Docs Background 2

Step 4: Choose your desired color from the presets provided.

Google Docs Background 3

Choose Custom if you want to fine-tune your color selection. You can also add a hexadecimal color code to get the exact background color you want.

Google Docs Background 4

Step 5: Make other adjustments to the page (such as page orientation and margins) and click OK. Google Docs should immediately apply the background color to the document.

Google Docs Background 5

You can also click Set as Default if you want to set the selected color to be automatically applied to new documents. This will not affect older documents – you must manually change the color of each if necessary.

Note: If you want to revert to the normal color setting, you need to go back to the Page Setup pane, open the Color Picker, and then set the color to White (upper right corner). If you have set another color as the default and you want to undo it, be sure to click the Set as Default Color button.

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Obviously, you will also run into issues with the default black font color. To change it to match the background color, press Ctrl+A (Windows) or Cmd+A (Mac) to highlight the text, and then click the Text Color icon (A) in the Google Docs toolbar.

Google Docs – Android and iOS

The Google Docs mobile app for Android and iOS lets you change the background color of a document using several presets. However, unlike the web app, it doesn’t let you tweak your selections or use HEX color codes. It also doesn’t let you set a color by default for newer documents.

Stage 1: Open a new or existing document in the Google Docs mobile app.

Step 2: Tap the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner of the Google Docs app.

Google Docs Background 6

Stage 3: Select the option labeled Page Setup.

Google Docs Background 7

Step 4: Select Page Color.

Google Docs Background 8

Step 5: Select a color preset using the slider at the top. Next, choose a color shade and tap the Back icon to confirm your choice.

Google Docs Background 9

Step 6: Exit the Page Setup menu and Google Docs will apply the background color to the document.

Google Docs Background 10

If you have set a default background color in the Google Docs web app, the setting will not be carried over to the mobile app; you have to manually change the color of each new document. However, color changes from older documents will appear when viewing them in the mobile app.

To change the text color in the document, start by highlighting the text, tap the Format (A) icon in the toolbar, then tap Text Color.

Google Docs – iPadOS

The Google Docs app for iPad works similarly to that for iOS and Android. Changing the background color of a document requires opening the Page Setup screen, selecting Page Color, and selecting a color preset and a color shade. Again, you cannot add HEX codes or default your selections.

Google Docs Background 11

But you can use the Google Docs web app on your iPad instead. Since Safari runs in desktop mode by default, you should have no problem using Google Docs in it. The web app is also far superior to the mobile app. You can fine-tune your background color choices and also set the background colors as default.

Google Docs Background 12

If you use a trackpad or mouse with your iPad, the Google Docs web app should offer a better experience than the mobile app in terms of cursor support.

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scene change

Google Docs has implemented this functionality pretty well, whether it’s changing the background color to match the theme of your content or just to get you started. Don’t hold back.

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