How to Change App Icons on Android

Most of us install loads of apps on our Android smartphones and you must have noticed that unlike iOS, app icons on Android are not very uniform. Some apps have a circular icon, some have a round icon, and some have a round icon that makes the app drawer and home screen look very untidy. While things should change with Android O introducing adaptive icons, most of us won’t be getting the Android O update anytime soon. However, being highly customizable, Android allows you to change app icons as you wish on any device. So without further ado, Here are some ways to change app icons on Android:

Change App Icons Using Third-Party Launchers

If you are using the custom launcher that came with your phone, you may not have the option to change the icon pack. However, most third-party launchers may offer the option to apply the icon pack you want.

For demonstration, I will change the icon pack on my device using one of the most popular launchers – Nova Launcher. The ability to change the icon pack is available in the free version of Nova Launcher. So, after installing Nova Launcher on your phone and setting it as your default launcher, follow these steps to change icons:

  1. Download any icon pack you may like. I downloaded it to my phone Pixel Icon Pack. After downloading an icon pack, navigate to: Nova Settings –> Look and feel –> Icon theme.

2. In the drop-down list, you should see the icon pack you installed. Tap on it to apply.

Apply Theme

Now when you go to your phone’s home screen or app drawer, you will see the new icon pack all over your phone.

Pixel Icon Pack

If you want change the icons of a few specific apps, Nova Launcher lets you do that too. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Drag an app to the home screen to create its shortcut. Here, long press the icon and tap on it to see the shortcut menu. “To organise”.

shortcut menu

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2. From the Edit Shortcut popup, tap the app icon to change. From this screen you can: choose a picture Choose an image from any of the installed icon packs or from your gallery.

Shortcut Popup

You will now have a custom icon set for the shortcut of this app on the home screen. Note that this does not change the icon in the app drawer. It is only the shortcut that changes.

Change App Icons Using Third-Party Apps

Sometimes you may not want to download a new launcher just to change the icon pack. If that’s your case, you can download a third-party icon changer app. With these apps, you may not be able to replace the app icons on your system, but you can add an app shortcut to your desktop with any icon you want. And you can even choose an image from your gallery if you want. Is not it beautiful?

Below are a few of the apps that let you add customized shortcuts for apps. In any case, the final screenshots contain both icons: the app icon from the icon changer app and the native app icon.

1. Cool Icons

Awesome Icons allows you to customize your home screen icons with both icon packs and your own images. You don’t need root access to use this app. Here are the steps to use the app:

  • Download awesome icons (Free With in-app purchases) from Play Store. Once installed, go to the app you want to create a shortcut for.
  • Tap the icon and you will be taken to the shortcut settings.

Shortcut Settings

  • Now tap the icon under “Icon” and select the icon you want from any of the available locations. You can even do it if you want. change nametag for the shortcut.

Changed Icon

  • Tap “OK” to create the shortcut.

Beebom Icon Changed

2. Icon Change

Icon Changer allows you to customize any shortcut in your launcher without root access. Below are the steps to use the application.

  • Download Icon Changer (Free) from Play Store. In practice, tap anywhere on the screen To select an app to create the shortcut for. I’ll do this for the Calendar app.

Icon Change

  • Under “Shortcut Properties” you can: change shortcut title. To change the icon of the shortcut, Tap on “Browse”. After choosing a picture, Tap on “Create Shortcut”.
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Change Icon Calendar

Calendar Icon Changed

3. Icon Changer free

Like the other apps mentioned above, Icon Changer free lets you create a shortcut of an app with a custom icon on the home screen. Here are the steps to use the app:

  • Download Icon Changer for free (Free) from Play Store. In the app, tap the two Androids to select the app you want to create a shortcut for. This time I will do it for the Phone app.

Icon Changer free

  • Tap on your app, then you will get one of these options: change it, decorate it or add a filter to it. you can even change the title of the shortcut if you want.

Change Icon Phone

  • When done, tap “OK” to create the shortcut on the desktop.

Phone Icon Changed

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Change App Icon on Android for a more personalized look

One of the biggest advantages of owning an Android phone is the customization you get. After downloading third-party launchers or apps, you can change the icons as you wish. Whether it’s a single app or all apps, you’re in full control. So what launcher or icon changer apps do you use? For which apps did you change the icons? Let me know in the comments section below.