How to change and customize your keyboard on Android?

At all times, the Android mobile system has always been the most free. It should be said that the system itself is open source and therefore can be modified by anyone who wants to get the most out of the system. Google services alone do not share this vulnerability, even though they are central to the experience.

For the user, this meant that it was always the most customizable mobile system on the market. It’s a feature found in many aspects of using Android, even in the smallest details.

Of course we’re talking about the keyboard here! Because yes, it has always been possible to choose your keyboard among the many alternatives in the operating system. But the procedure may seem intimidating to some, so we will guide you so that you can change it as you wish.

What do I need?

Customizing your system can seem like a burden only the most tech savvy can handle. Rest assured though: you only need the Google Play Store to install an alternative keyboard, nothing more!

Unlike iOS, which recently introduced this capability, Android has always emphasized this customization and has made it easy to do so over the years. So do not panic: root, adb or any other complex manipulation will not be necessary. All you need is the Play Store on your phone!

How to Install Alternate Keyboard on Android

You can have any reason to change keyboard on Android. The main reason for this is that the basic one, which is usually personalized by the manufacturer of your phone, does not suit you. In this case, we recommend installing the Google keyboard.

But you can also highlight some fun apps or a cute theme by getting an alternative keyboard. We’ll take the Kika keyboard as an example to make a clear cut with traditional keyboards. Note that the procedure will be the same regardless of the keyboard selected.

First, go to the Play Store to download a keyboard. Be sure to check out our best alternative keyboards to help you choose! Once you find the one that suits you, simply click Install.

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You will be prompted to enable the keyboard when launching most of the alternative keyboards. To do this, click on the corresponding box, then press the push button to activate the keyboard.

After this step is complete, the second step is to make the new keyboard the one used by the system by default. Again, simply follow the desired steps from the keyboard and select it from the drop-down list.

And there you go! You are here with your brand new keyboard! For this example, to make it clear to you that you can manipulate this object of your system to the extreme, we decided to let it go by enabling a theme that shows a cute little panda.

Manage your keyboards

It is very nice to install and activate a new keyboard. But what happens when you want to manage all the keyboards you have already installed, or even instantly replace the keyboard whenever you are asked to type anything.

The procedure is very simple. To manage your keyboards, go to: Settings > Language & Input. Here you will find all the keyboards installed on your phone and the possibility to identify the default keyboard that will be launched first.

You can also access your keyboard’s configurations from the same menu: theme change, layout of keys, sounds and vibrations, personalized dictionary… many configurations that you can tweak to make it your best communication tool. . .

Change keyboards instantly

Let’s say you have installed a keyboard dedicated to emojis only. You’ll agree it’s not very practical when it comes to researching on the Internet, but it’s perfect when you’re chatting with friends.

To instantly switch the keyboard while typing, it’s actually not too complicated (albeit a bit hidden): you just have to hold down the spacebar. From then on, the keyboard selection menu appears, allowing you to switch to a different keyboard.

But be aware that this shortcut may not have been adopted by the developer of some keyboards. But do not panic: in the middle of typing, you just need to lower the notification pane to find the possibility of switching the keyboard.

Precautions to be followed

Note that installing an alternative keyboard can be dangerous. When you install one on your phone, your system will automatically remind you of this, warning you that unscrupulous developers can take advantage of it to analyze your slightest messages.

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Therefore, take care to install reputable keyboards from reliable sources. To guarantee minimum security, always review the Play Store, apps are verified before they are released on the store and read their descriptions before you start using them.

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