How to cancel your Apple TV+ subscription in 2024

cancel apple tv+ subscription

In the streaming platform market, Apple TV+ remains a stranger compared to industry giants such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney+. Unlike the three previously mentioned platforms, the service of the Apple brand has chosen: It offers only special productions of Apple studios in its catalogue.

Inevitably Its library is significantly more limited than those offered by its competitors. Therefore, you can quickly browse through the series and movies that Apple TV+ has to offer and you may not see any point in keeping your subscription anymore. Especially starting from October 2023, the Cupertino company has decided to significantly increase Apple TV + prices in France. While the subscription was billed at €4.99 per month, the bill has now increased to €9.99 per month. Or, just like yours, you’d prefer to pause your subscription while you wait The arrival of Severance season 2…There are many reasons that might prompt you to leave Apple TV+ temporarily or permanently.

In this article, we will detail the different steps for you to follow. Quickly unsubscribe from Apple’s streaming service.

Cancel your subscription from Windows PC

Note that it is entirely possible to cancel your Apple TV+ subscription on Windows PC via the Apple Music app or the Apple TV app. To do this you will need:

  • Download and install if necessary Open the Apple Music app or Apple TV app on your PC
  • Click on your name in the bottom right, then click View my account
  • From the department Settingsclick on the button overcome Located just before the Subscriptions category
  • Find the subscription you want to cancel (e.g. Apple TV+) and To organise
  • click unsubscribe

cancel apple tv+ subscriptioncancel apple tv+ subscription

If you have an older version of iTunes on Windows

If you still use iTunes (yes, it’s possible), you can also go there to manage your Apple subscriptions:

  • Open iTunes on your Windows PC
  • via the menu bar at the top of the iTunes window Bill And View my account
  • Search the section now Settings
  • As usual now click on the button overcome Right in front of Subscriptions
  • Find the Apple TV+ subscription in the list and To organise
  • Finally click unsubscribe

Here, you know everything. Please note that once your subscription is deleted, you will no longer be able to access Apple TV+ on all your Apple devices.

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