How to Cancel T-Mobile and Stay Good

T-Mobile’s Non-Carrier moves have had a huge impact on the wireless industry in the United States. Shortly after failing to merge with AT&T, T-Mobile began reshaping itself as the ultimate destination for those who didn’t want to take advantage. It stopped tying smartphone sales to two-year contracts with Early Termination Fees. It announced unlimited music streaming and gave people on certain plans the option to keep their unused high-speed data for up to a year. It also eliminated the excess of invoices. There are many reasons to switch to T-Mobile. Finding reasons to cancel T-Mobile isn’t all that hard either.

Despite all the talk about freeing users from contracts, it doesn’t really do that. It knows that most of its users will want the latest iPhone or Android device and not want to pay the real price. They’re happy to sign up for a Jump On-Demand rental that takes some financial hardship to get out. T-Mobile’s LTE network has improved a lot, but small cities still have dead spots where you get little or no signal. Rural areas are also still a challenge for the carrier.

If you’re ready to cancel T-Mobile, here’s what you need to know.

How to Cancel T-Mobile: What to Do to Get Started

You’ll want to do some planning for the best experience when canceling T-Mobile. Start by getting a copy of the last invoice the carrier sent you. If you’re using a digital invoice for the company, you can find that invoice at: my T-Mobile domain of the company’s website.

What you are looking for in this invoice is your account information and an idea of ​​what you have to pay to leave the carrier. As with other wireless companies, it’s fine to pay your remaining bill balance with them when canceling. If you don’t you will be prompted to do so later, plus the carrier has the right to refuse to unlock your phone if you don’t.

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Knowing how you pay for your phone is important. See your bill for EIP or Jump-On Demand. EIP stands for Equipment Installation Plan. With an EIP, you financed the purchase of a phone through T-Mobile. When you cancel, you’re only on the hook for the remaining amount payable on your phone and any bills. There is no closing fee.

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Jump On-Demand is a little more complicated than that. The phone you have is not yours. It was never yours to begin with. T-Mobile simply rented it to you. The company doesn’t expect Jump On-Demand customers to stay connected to a device for more than a year, which takes that long to come close to paying for it.

While remaining on the network, you can exit the Jump On-Demand rental simply by completing the rental and upgrade payment amount, applying the purchase option on your rental, or by handing over the device.

If you are canceling a Jump On-Demand rental before your rental period expires, you must pay the remaining amount of rental payments, according to T-Mobile Support. You can also find it in the My T-Mobile area under billing. You will need to hand over your device and you may be charged for any access wear that occurs on the device in your care.

Jump On-Demand users will then need to use the payment option on their rental to purchase their phone and take it to their new carrier. This amount is also stated on My T-Mobile. To give you an idea of ​​how much it might cost to use this purchase option, it’s $182 for the iPhone 6s with 32GB of storage.

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How to Cancel T-Mobile: Calling to Cancel

To cancel T-Mobile, you can call 1-877-453-1304 or go to your local store. You will only want to use the support number if you purchased your phone through a setup plan or EIP.

Those using Jump On-Demand must visit a retail store to cancel T-Mobile. This is because the carrier will need to inspect your phone if you plan on delivering the phone instead of using your purchase option to store it and unlock it for another carrier.

T-Mobile iPhone 6s upgrade details you need to know.

T-Mobile iPhone 6s upgrade details you need to know.

Your account number etc. Make sure you have all the information you need, such as your invoice, on hand. The calling agent will walk you through what your final payment will be and anything that prevents you from taking your smartphone with you.

How to Cancel T-Mobile: Fees, Charges, and Costs You Can Expect

Again, because T-Mobile’s schedules are complex, it’s hard to get an accurate estimate of cancellation costs.

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EIP users should only be asked to pay the last month’s bill and the remaining amount on their setup plan. Jump On-Demand users can expect to pay last month’s bill and any remaining lease payments on their device. They will also be asked to return their device or pay more to purchase directly.

How to Cancel T-Mobile: Taking Your Phone With You

It’s mostly simple to take your phone with you when you cancel T-Mobile. T-Mobile Support outlines the carrier’s policy for unlocking devices.

The carrier says it won’t unlock any devices reported as lost or stolen. The account associated with the device must be fully paid and you cannot have requested more than two unlock codes from the operator in the last year. Additionally, you must have had the device on T-Mobile for at least 40 days. Finally, you must have paid the full amount of your EIP or Jump-On Demand rental.

T-Mobile Times Square store opening, Wednesday, January 27, 2016.

The phone area on the My T-Mobile website allows you to check the unlock status of your device.

Your call center representative will walk you through the final steps of unlocking your device or explain to you why your device cannot be unlocked. Since T-Mobile is a GSM carrier, your phone will work on AT&T and any virtual carrier that uses AT&T or T-Mobile’s network.

You look good trying to cancel T-Mobile.

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