How to Buy Xbox One Power Cable

Every Xbox One entertainment console comes with some essential accessories. There is the Xbox One Wireless Controller that gamers use most to interact with their console. Microsoft ships them with the console, but users can purchase another one fairly easily at a local store or online. There’s the Xbox One Chat Headset available directly from Microsoft’s website and most retail stores. Anyone could hope and get these accessories easily, but the one thing no one could do was find a reliable way to purchase the Xbox One Power Cable.

The Xbox One Power Cable is a brick styled with two cables running from the front and back. The rear cable draws power, this power is then managed by the brick and transmitted to the Xbox One console itself. Often times, people forget about the Xbox One Power Cable, that is, until they lose one or get theirs stolen.

The problem is that the Xbox One Power Cable is not available in a rental store. You won’t find this next to all Xbox One accessories at your local Best Buy or GameStop. In fact, the old guaranteed way until recently was to buy an all-new Xbox One console. Fortunately, Microsoft has fixed this issue over the summer, making it easier than ever to request and get a new Xbox One Power Cable online.

Here’s how to buy the Xbox One Power Cable online.

Where to go?

No, you still cannot buy the Xbox One Power Cable from the store. Microsoft is very quiet about why this is happening. Theoretically, the company would have wanted users to be able to replace their power cords if they were lost or stolen, but Microsoft hasn’t started selling them at places like GameStop and Best Buy. In fact, the company does not sell them directly on the website or through the Microsoft Store retail chain.

To get an Xbox One Power Cord, you’ll need to go to: Xbox Online Service Center. If the Xbox Online Service Center sounds familiar, it’s because Microsoft uses the same site to manage Xbox One repairs and returns. Here you can register a new Xbox One, report a problem with the Xbox One, and replace important Xbox One accessories.

Click the button in the upper right corner of your screen. If you’re on a computer running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, you’ll be automatically signed in. Depending on which browser you are using, you will also need to provide your Microsoft Account Username and Password.

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After logging in, look for the green square on the home page asking if you want to click it.

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Before you can replace an accessory on the Xbox Online Service Center, you must register the device with the service center. Click if you haven’t added your Xbox One yet. You’ll need to provide your first and last name, offset, and Serial Number of the Xbox One you’re trying to register.

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You can find the Serial Number in the app listed at the bottom of your Xbox One. Look for the button.

After successfully registering your console, you will receive a list of accessories that you can change through the Xbox One experience. Choose from the list. It’s in the lower left corner. You can also replace other accessories such as Xbox One Controller, TV Tuner, Remote Control and Charging Kit.

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After a few minutes of scanning, the Xbox Online Service Center will allow you to replace your Xbox One Power Cord. If you have a faulty cable, you can replace it with a new one. If you need a separate one or buy a new one. Click or tap

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If your Xbox One is out of warranty, you’ll have to pay for a new Xbox One Power Cord either way. If you submit yours at Microsoft, you will only be charged $35. If you’re looking to purchase a separate Xbox One Power Cable, you’re considering spending $50 to have a new cable shipped to you. There is no trade off when purchasing the Power Cord with the $50 option. You must provide Microsoft with a shipping address and credit card information.

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This way you definitely don’t have to buy a new Xbox One Power Cable if you don’t want to. There are several sellers on Ebay selling used Xbox One Power Cables from damaged consoles that they no longer own. Must Be Mobile Microsoft does not recommend purchasing a new Power Cord from anywhere other than. Make sure you get the correct Power Cord for your country if needed. Check the item’s description to make sure it’s for an Xbox One sold in your country.

Good luck getting your Xbox One Power Cable.

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