How to Buy Starbucks with iPhone

Advances in technology are improving even activities that we didn’t know needed to be improved in the first place. Over the past few years, the Starbucks for iPhone app has been a perfect example of this reality. Before the worldwide coffee chain rolled out this feature, few people said they wanted to buy Starbucks with an iPhone. According to the statements made at Starbucks this year, 1 out of every 3 people who visit a Starbucks use the company’s mobile payment function. Investor Day.

Maybe you’ve seen some of these people pay with their smartphones? Starbucks recently rolled out Apple Pay support so customers don’t have to pull out their credit or debit card to make a purchase. This allows lines to move and drinks to be picked up quickly. Even before Apple Pay, the Starbucks app allowed coffee drinkers to top up a prepaid gift card and pay with their smartphone by scanning a barcode. Recently, the company rolled out its mobile ordering system so anyone can buy a drink with their phone before they even arrive.

Buying Starbucks with an iPhone seems like technical magic, but it actually isn’t. You can do it too.

How to Buy Starbucks with iPhone and Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the newest and most convenient way to buy Starbucks with iPhone. If you haven’t heard of Apple Pay, you’re probably familiar with the Wallet app on your iPhone. Travel and store apps on iPhone let you leave boarding passes and convenience cards there for safe keeping. That way, you don’t have to keep pulling out your wallet looking for a savings card or looking for a stack of cards when you’re about to board a plane.

You will need a credit or debit card compatible with Apple Pay. Must Be Mobile Guides iPhone users through the Apple Pay setup process Apple Pay: A Complete Guide. Note that your financial institution must provide additional compatibility with Apple Pay before you can complete the setup process. Also note that only iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone SE support Apple Pay. iPhone 5s can also use Apple Pay, but you’ll need an Apple Watch for that.


After you set up Apple Pay, go to your local Starbucks and place your order. When you’re ready to pay, take out your iPhone and double-tap the home button twice. Tap the card you want to pay with and bring your iPhone close to the PIN Pad at the Starbucks counter. You will hear a tone and receive a confirmation to let you know that the process went well.

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Note that paying this way completely blocks the Starbucks app. So you don’t get the stars you need to get a free drink or food.

How to Buy Starbucks with iPhone and Starbucks Card

Buying Starbucks with iPhone using your Starbucks card is a bit more complicated. It’s also more rewarding. The first thing you should do is download the Starbucks app from: iTunes App Store. It is available there for free.

The next thing you need to do is create a Starbucks account. If for some reason you already have one, use it to log into the app. Now you are ready to pay and order with your iPhone.

Starbucks iPhone app updated with new features

The app works in conjunction with a Starbucks Card. Essentially, it gives you the option to swipe a Starbucks gift card or permanently pair it with the app on your iPhone. You can fill this card manually or have it automatically add money when the money is low. Credit can also be added to the card at any Starbucks registration. While collecting Starbucks cards as holiday or birthday gifts, you can add value to your account through the app.

When you’re registered and ready to pay, open the Starbucks app and tap the option at the top of your screen. Tap Pay again at the bottom and you’ll get a barcode that the barista at Starbucks scans to charge your account. This barcode can also be used by shaking your iPhone from anywhere in the app.

Note that you can also add this barcode as a card for the Wallet application.

Starbucks Mobile Ordering

Starbucks mobile ordering is also available in the Starbucks app for iPhone. Start by choosing the drinks or food you want, then choose the Starbucks store where you want to get your items. This could be the nearest Starbucks to your location or a Starbucks located near your next destination.

starbucks-mobile order

You can choose how you want to pay for your mobile order, but this must be via Apple Pay or your Starbucks Card. You cannot place a mobile order and try to pay for it in cash at that location. When you go to the store to take your order, it should be waiting at the counter with a sticker with your name on it.

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Either way, if you decide to buy Starbucks with the iPhone, the process should be fairly simple. It’ll take a few weeks, but eventually you’ll be comfortable pulling out your iPhone instead of your entire wallet.

Good luck trying to buy Starbucks with iPhone.

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