How to Buy Movie Tickets with Siri on iOS 6.1

With iOS 6.1, users can use Siri and Fandango to purchase audio and movie tickets with a tap.

With the new tool, it’s easy to go from seeing what’s playing at a local movie theater to booking your seat.

Users will need to update to iOS 6.1 and install the Fandango app for the process to work.

There is no extra charge from Apple to purchase tickets with Siri and Fandango, but users must pay Fandango’s convenience fee.

How to Buy Movie Tickets with Siri and Fandango

To start, . This will launch Siri and prompt users to ask their questions with a beep.

Users can start by asking or saying: “

from here. Siri will search for tickets on Fandango and you will be prompted to download the free app if you haven’t installed the app.

Then tap on it to launch it. fandango app.

iOS 6.1 allows users to purchase movie tickets with Siri and Fandango.

From here, choose how many tickets you need for adults and children and proceed through the checkout process.

If the theater supports mobile tickets, you can add tickets to PassBook to skip the long queues and show the tickets directly to the ticket buyer.

For other theaters, you will need to show the ticket seller a confirmation number or the credit card used to make the purchase.

In addition to purchasing movie tickets, users can ask Siri to show trailers for new movies and message friends or post on Facebook and Twitter to get others to join you, but Siri doesn’t yet allow users to tweet the movie’s name and time. when they buy.

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