How to Buy iPhone X

The iPhone X will be hard to find in stock, at least until Christmas. This is how you can buy iPhone X or iPhone 10 so you can get it as fast as possible. We’ll go over how to pre-order the iPhone X, but you should also check out the iPhone X pre-order tips we’ve gathered from years of iPhone ordering.

After going through all the tips for figuring out which carrier, the storage size you need, and which color to buy, you’re good to go. There are three ways to

At this point you should plan to pre-order. There will be a limited number in the store, but it’s better to pre-order and use waiting in line as a backup strategy. Apple Stores and some carriers plan to open early on November 3, but pre-order if possible.

You can buy iPhone X from Apple, your carrier, or a retailer such as: best buy. We hope you will have the best luck buying directly from Apple. If you go this route, you can buy on most carrier payment plans. The good news is that you can follow the steps to buy the iPhone X from Apple right now.

It’s also a good idea to check with your carrier and check with Best Buy to go through as many processes as possible before 3 p.m. and their websites are flooded with people trying to pre-order.

How to buy iPhone X?

1. or go to the Apple website.

2. click or tap on

3. or

How to buy iPhone X?

4. Select for iPhone X.

5. Top right if you’re doing this before pre-orders begin.

Bookmark your iPhone X for easy access.

Bookmark your iPhone X for easy access.

6. Pay for your iPhone or complete carrier payment information when sales start.

That’s all you need to do to buy the iPhone X from the Apple Store. You can use your carrier app, carrier website, or Best Buy’s website to purchase iPhone X from this seller.

If you save your iPhone X as a favourite, you can go to your account when the sale starts, tap iPhone in your favourites, and it will take you directly to the option, carrier and payment method you want. That way, all you have to do is tap Continue and buy your iPhone X. This will save you valuable time when the app and website are overloaded.

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