How to Buy and Listen to Music in Windows 10

Some very great reasons to download for free Windows 10 upgrade to your laptop, tablet or 2-in-1. Tablet Mode, a new Windows Store, Cortana personal assistant, everyone focuses on the reasons-in-your-face to embrace Microsoft’s new vision for Windows. Sincerely, while these are only half of the story, the true triumph of Windows 10 is that it launches another wave of big fixes and changes for the different apps on which the Windows experience depends. The way you buy and listen to Music in Windows 10 is a perfect example.

The free Windows 10 upgrade brings big changes to the way users listen and buy music. Gone Xbox Music has been completely replaced by Microsoft’s Groove Music service. Basically, the subscription service offered through Groove is the same as Xbox Music, but Microsoft has changed some settings and upgraded the user experience. The Groove Music app itself no longer has a store. Microsoft has moved its purchasing activities to the Windows Store, where it already offers apps and games.

Here’s how to buy and listen to music in Windows 10 using the Groove Music app and Microsoft’s new Windows Store.

How to Listen to Music on Windows 10

Basically, listening to music in Windows 10 hasn’t changed at all if you’re coming from Windows 8. Xbox Music is now Groove Music. Look for it in your list of installed apps under G.

When you open Groove Music, you will see a welcome screen explaining Groove Music’s features. In addition to playing the content you already have, Groove Music has a $9.99 subscription pass to stream anything you want from Microsoft servers. You can also use Groove Music without the Groove Music Pass, but turning it on improves it. Music purchased from iTunes will work in Groove because it is unprotected. Music purchased from other stores should also work just fine.

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Groove Music can find MP3, WMA and MP4 files. When you tap or click an audio file in Windows 10, Groove automatically launches and plays that file. Any compatible file it sees in your music folder will appear in Groove. In the setup area, you can add more folders for Groove Music to watch if you want. You can do this from the Settings area.

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Groove Music separates your music by Album, Song, and Song using the metadata in your music. For now, Groove Music adds metadata to your music, but doesn’t let you add metadata into it.

Windows Media Player is still available in Windows 10, but has not seen a functional upgrade and will not be actively updated. It’s there for completely old reasons. You can find it by entering the search bar in the Taskbar.

Microsoft’s cloud music service, OneDrive, connects to Groove Music in an interesting way. Upload unprotected songs there and Groove Music will let you stream the content inside. Doing so will free up space on your PC with your music collection. It also means you won’t have to worry about losing your library if something happens to your device.

How to Buy Music in Windows 10

Purchasing Music in Windows 8 was tied to the Xbox Music app. Groove Music has transferred that responsibility to the new Windows Store. You can access the Windows Store from the Shopping bag icon in Groove Music, or go to the Start Screen and search for the Store app in the list of install apps on your device.

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The Windows Store sells unprotected albums and songs, but no music videos yet. The song you purchase is billed to the card you add for apps and games. Frequently, discounts and small music editorial content are added. Just like any other music service, new albums and songs usually come out on Tuesday.

Purchasing songs from the Windows Store has other benefits besides being convenient. Your purchased songs are automatically added to your Groove Music collection, so you can listen to them whenever you want. Groove Music even has a setting to automatically restore purchases on your devices.

Groove Music and More on Your iPhone

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Microsoft’s smartest moves in the last two years revolve around Microsoft’s services available on iPhone and Android. Groove Music has companion apps onlineon iPhoneon Windows Phone and on Android.

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