How to Buy a Cheap iPad

The iPad has come a long way from being a somewhat expensive device to an affordable tablet, and that’s mostly thanks to the throaty competition we’ve seen in Android tablets over the past few years.

The iPad mini was Apple’s first foray into the cheaper tablet market. Granted, they debuted at $329, a hard-to-swallow pill, but you can get them for a whole lot less now. Even if you don’t want an iPad mini, you can find great deals on full-size iPads because there’s almost no reason to spend the full $500 for an entry-level 9.7-inch page.

However, you don’t necessarily need to buy new as a used iPad can be much cheaper and perform admirably depending on the tasks you plan to do. Also, buying used will save you a lot of money. That said, there are a few methods you can try to score an iPad for a fraction of the price you’d pay for a brand new model.

Apple Refurbished Store

The absolute first place we’d recommend checking out a cheap iPad Apple’s Refurbished StoreHere you can get used models directly from Apple at an affordable discount.

Arguably, Apple offers some of the best refurbished products around. Many of the Apple products I’ve purchased over the years have been refurbished, including gifts for other people for Christmas or birthdays, and guess what? They will never know the difference between refurbished and brand new.


This is because when Apple receives a defective product, they repair what the problem is and then replace the battery with a brand new one and also replace the all aluminum shell with a brand new one. This means you will get a brand new product from Apple at a pretty good discount.

Granted, the hardware was somewhat flawed at one point, but Apple fixed it so you’re still left with a fully functional, good-as-new device for less than it would have cost if it were new in the box. For example, you can get an iPad for as low as $249 for the 16GB iPad mini 2, which is a great price.


While you prefer to buy expensive items from reputable sources, you can’t beat deals on eBay where you can get points. You’ll just have to be extra careful when browsing iPads on eBay because there are so many sellers willing to take buyers for a ride, and many iPads you’ll find on eBay may be stolen units.

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Remember the guy who bought the Xbox One photo for $615? He thought he was buying a real Xbox One console, but was duped. Granted, he read the description but assumed what he was bidding on was an actual Xbox One console. To avoid riddles like this, make sure you read the description thoroughly and that the item you’re bidding on is the right item.


eBay sellers like to trick buyers by putting good pressure in the description or simply saying “Xbox One box” in hopes that naive bidders will overlook the fact that this is just the box for sale.

We’ve also seen sellers list fake iPads, and while they usually make it clear that this isn’t a real iPad, it’s important to read the description rather than just relying on the photos.

Not all eBay sellers are bad. In fact, you seldom encounter a rogue, but they are out there, so be careful.


Craigslist is perhaps one of the sketchiest places to buy consumer electronics, but when used with care, you can find a lot on a used iPad.

Screenshot 2015-03-13 09.31.21 AM

We’ve discussed many times how Craigslist is a hotbed for scams, but there are also plenty of good guys out there who really want to sell you their old iPad they no longer need, and Craiglist is often full of sellers looking for it. they are usually willing to give you a lot to get rid of their old gear.

Just be careful not to buy a stolen iPad. A good way to tell if it was stolen is to ask the seller to turn off Find My iPhone or factory reset the iPad in front of you. The seller needs to know the Apple ID credentials for both of these tasks, and if he doesn’t know or refuses to do any of these tasks, you can be sure it’s been stolen.

Retail sales

You can easily take advantage of the numerous iPad sales from many major retail chains, including Best Buy, Staples, and Walmart. Most of these stores will offer occasional discounts on iPads – usually around $50.

That’s a bigger discount than buying refurbished or used, but if you want a brand new iPad for as little as possible, waiting for a discount is your best bet.

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iPad Air


gazelle They are known for their ease of use when buying your old smartphones and tablets, but they also sell used devices at a low cost, making it a great place to buy a cheap iPad.


You can buy an original iPad mini for as low as $189or get an iPad Air for only $319. Granted, the Gazelle is probably not the cheapest place to find an iPad, as eBay or Craigslist would be the better option in this situation, but if you’re looking to buy it from a reliable source for less than what Apple charges for refurbished items, the Gazelle is a good place to check out.


If eBay and Craigslist aren’t your thing, swap it is actually a sunny and green pasture waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. Swappa is tightly regulated by their staff, and every seller must verify the devices they sell, so you know you’re not buying a stolen iPad when doing business on Swappa.


You can also find great deals on Swappa, thanks to intense competition from many other sellers trying to get rid of their iPads. Also, many will be willing to negotiate a better price with you.

Social media

If you’re not confident in finding a legit iPad on eBay or Craigslist, perhaps the next best solution is to ask your friends and search through various social networking services.

Just sharing how you are in an iPad market will automatically have all your friends help you find a good deal on an iPad. Especially if none of your friends have an iPad to sell to you, they may know another friend who is selling it. From there you can connect and buy your new tablet.

I’ve found that usually only your closest friends help with this, so don’t expect every single one of your Facebook friends to keep their eyes peeled for an iPad deal for you, but at least you get the word. out and every little bit helps.