How to Bring YouTube Back to iPad in iOS 6

With iOS 6, the official YouTube app for iPhone and iPad disappeared. And while Google released an official YouTube app for iPhone, Apple’s iPad users weren’t so lucky. That’s until December when Google finally releases iPad support for its official YouTube app. There are also some nice alternatives that users can take advantage of.


Appel’s iOS 6 update pulled stock YouTube from iPhone and iPad owners. The app is finally back, joining a series of alternatives that iPad owners can use to access YouTube content.

Here we will take a look at how to bring YouTube back to iPad in iOS 6.


YouTube on the web

The first option is pretty straightforward and all it needs is a web browser like Safari or Google Chrome, the second of which has been updated to support Apple’s new iOS 6.

iPad users can use YouTube over the web.

Users can type in the web browser and are taken to a web interface that offers a web interface that allows users to not only view YouTube videos, but also manage playlists, subscriptions, videos, messages and more.

So even though it’s not an official app, it still offers quite a bit of functionality.

YouTube App for iOS

On December 4, Google YouTube for iOS app with support for both iPhone 5 and iPad. This means iPad and iPad mini owners can now download and use the YouTube app like a full-fledged YouTube app. Moreover, it has also updated the app with video support for Apple’s AirPlay feature.


The app also features improved accessibility with the ability to tap the logo to bring up a Guide to a user’s channels, the option to add and remove videos from Playlists, Clickable links in the descriptions of videos, and the app’s VoiceOver feature.

This app is free and probably the one iPad owners will want to install.

McTube – YouTube Client, Downloader and MP3 for iPad

Another great option for those who are not in love with the official YouTube apps is an app called. McTube. McTube is both free and $1.99 Professional Edition which gets rid of ads and adds the ability to download unlimited videos.

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The full feature list includes:

– Support iPhone 5, iPad Retina
– Cache videos and watch offline
– HD support, up to 1080p
– MP3 Player with background mode
– Search for Videos, Channels, Playlist
– Categories from YouTube
– Filter videos by region
– Rate, share and comment on videos
– Subscription, Playlist, Favorite, Watch Later, History

McTube has a four-and-a-half star rating after nearly 17,000 reviews. It’s a viable alternative to the official YouTube app and one that iPad owners will want to take a look at.

Jasmine YouTube Client for iPad

The Jasmine YouTube client remains an option for those who don’t want to use the official version of the YouTube app available on the Apple App Store. Jasmine is a free app currently available to iPad owners.


Jasmine’s interface is extremely simple and easy to use and allows users to do many things that they can do using the web interface or if they are using the official app.


This means it offers the ability to search and browse videos and also allows users to manage favorites, playlists and subscriptions. It also has Retina support for the new iPad, among other features.

The full list includes:

– Smooth and responsive interface
– Night theme and dimming support for low light browsing
– Full support for managing playlists
– Play audio/playlists in the background while using other apps
– Remembers your location when returning to long videos
– Parental Controls to edit content and restrict video discovery (PRO)
– Browse and discover channels
– Post comments and replies
– Aggressive filtering for spam comments and channel promotions
– Supports AirPlay
– Share videos via Twitter and Facebook

AirPlay support is huge for iOS users who own several devices.

The developer also offers the Pro version of Jasmine which offers a way for users to contribute to the developer. Jasmine is not running any ads at this point and donations will go a long way in preventing them from popping up in the future.


It also comes with comprehensive parental controls that allow parents to control what their kids watch on iPad.

Jasmine boasts Four star rating on the App Storeout of about 2000 comments and we recommend this as a YouTube alternative.