How to Block Spam Texts on Verizon

Growing up, spam callers were a problem that seemed to have no solution, no matter how many don’t-call lists you signed up for. And since the home phone was the main point of contact, answering with our cell phones was more important than it is today. Fortunately, advances like caller ID have made these calls more distinguishable.

While caller ID is part of every cell phone, spam text messages and phone calls still pose a bit of a problem. From “free holidays” to various other offers, these messages are a big nuisance, especially if they occur frequently. If you’re a Verizon customer, you have some control over this issue. You can prevent these numbers from calling or spamming your phone by changing the settings in your Verizon account.

How to Install Number Blocking?

As above, Spam Calls and text messages can be blocked by completing the following steps.

sign inTo go Verizon website on your computer or tablet.

Username Password

Once there, enter your username and password in the box in the upper right corner of the screen.

Tap on Block Services

After logging in, proceed to the section. Under Account management, tap .

Block Calls_Messages

Select Off on the right side of the screen.

Adding and Sending Numbers

On this page, the user can enter numbers that they no longer want to be contacted by. You can block up to 5 numbers for free for each line in your Verizon account. For most users, this is too much, but for those who need more blocks in their account, Verizon can do this for an additional fee.

Enter the phone number that spams or texts your phone in one of the fields in the yellow box highlighted above. If you want this number to be applied to all numbers in your account, select the checkbox above it.

When you’re done entering numbers, tap .

select OK

After the numbers are blocked, this confirmation dialog will appear. Faucet OK to continue.

Setting up these blocked numbers is extremely useful for spam messages or people who may have received your number and want to avoid it. Note that these blocks disappear after 90 days, so if you want to continue blocking this number after this period, log back in and login again.

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