How to Block People from Finding You on Facebook

If you don’t want people to search for your Facebook profile, here’s how to prevent people from finding you on Facebook.

Whoever you are, you most likely have a Facebook account that you use to keep up with all your friends and family. However, if you’re a high profile person in your area or don’t want your boss to find your Facebook profile, there are some things you can do to prevent non-friends from finding your profile.

Facebook is all about connecting with people you know, but sometimes that’s not always desirable. While we love being Facebook friends with people we know and love, there are some people we know don’t want to see your Facebook profile.

Fortunately, Facebook has made it pretty easy to hide your profile from prying eyes, and the social network has done a better job year after year by implementing new privacy features for users.

If you’re someone who wants to lock their Facebook profile and keep it open only to trusted people you know, here’s how to prevent people from finding you on Facebook.

Lock Privacy Settings

First, you’ll want to make sure you have your privacy settings set the way you want.

Start by going to the Facebook website on your computer and click the little triangle button in the upper right corner. A drop-down menu will appear on which you will then click on it.

Then click on the icon in the left sidebar.

hide facebook-profile-4

On this page, find the section named and change the three settings below to your liking by clicking next to each of them. These prevent people from calling you with your email address and phone number and prevent your profile from appearing on search engines outside of Facebook.

hide facebook-profile-2

Also, be sure to set exactly who can see your future posts on this page and limit the audience for posts you’ve already published. If you set them to Facebook friends only, no one who finds your profile will be able to see anything on your profile except your profile photo and cover photo; hopefully this sounds innocent enough to anyone trying to find dirt on you.

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But that doesn’t stop people from finding you that way by typing your name in the Facebook search box. If you want to hide your Facebook profile completely, you need to be a little more creative than that if you really want to hide your profile from non-friends on Facebook.

Spell Your Name Wrong

One way to hide your Facebook profile from the outside world is to misspell your name so that when someone types your name, it doesn’t show up in search results.

For example, changing it to is a quick and easy way to prevent people from finding me on Facebook, since they’ll probably type in to try and find my Facebook profile, which means mine won’t show up for them.


To change your name on Facebook, click the small triangle button in the upper right corner of the Facebook menu bar and then click .

On the next page, click next to it and then change your name to whatever you want. Remember that your Facebook friends will likely ask why you misspelled your name, so be prepared for a stream of messages and questions.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to actually hide your Facebook profile, so this is a quick and easy way to at least hide it straight, so to speak.

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