How to Block a Number on Android

Android makes it very easy to block text messages or calls from one or more unwanted contacts. We will explain to you the procedure you need to follow to effectively filter calls and no longer be bothered when you see a hidden or annoying number.

There are multiple reasons for blocking someone, and there are many solutions to achieve your goals. By creating blacklists or manually blocking each person, if the smartphone allows. The procedure remains essentially the same for all manufacturers. However, the titles of the options may vary slightly. We recommend going through the main Android manufacturers.

Android Stock: steps to block a phone number

It’s very simple on most Android smartphones:

  • open app Phone
  • Go to recent searches
  • Select a number to block and long press on it
  • Do not touch block number

In addition, there is another method that allows you to look at the list and, if necessary, remove blocked numbers:

  • Go to the app Phone > Settings (or three-dot menu) >Call barring
  • A list of blocked numbers will appear
  • You can then add or remove numbers manually.Block a number by adding it to the blacklist

In EMUI the situation is slightly different:

  • enter inside Phone > Settings > Spam filter,
  • go to Settings top right to access black list (and white).

It is possible to delete a number from the list or manually add a number from the contacts, call log or messaging system.

Depending on versions of Android and overlays, it won’t necessarily be as likely to define precise rules as with certain smartphones. Sometimes it is possible to block all numbers that are not in our index, but this is a bit of an extreme measure.

Therefore, below we provide you with more detailed methods for the most popular smartphone brands.

Block calls on Samsung smartphone

  • open app Phone
  • Select the number to block, then MORE top right
  • choose Add to Auto Reject List
  • You can view this list here: Phone > Settings (via the three dots at the top right) > Calls > All Calls > Auto Reject List
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Block calls on LG smartphone

  • open app Phone
  • Go to the three dots in the top right
  • choose Call settings > Call reject
  • choose Call reject mode
  • To choose Reject calls from the list
  • On the previous screen, navigate to: reject all incoming calls
  • Add numbers by going to More then in the upper right corner of the screen. new number
  • To reject calls with an anonymous number private number

Block calls on HTC smartphone

  • Block directly by long pressing and selecting the number in the calls list. Block
  • It is possible to do the same thing in the SMS/MMS application.

Block calls on a Xiaomi smartphone

  • Go to your call list
  • Press the unwanted number for 2-3 seconds
  • To choose Block
  • Jump! Finished !

Block calls on Huawei smartphone

  • First you must have created a contact with the spam number
  • After creating its file, find it in your directory
  • Go to the menu and then tap . Add to Auto Reject List

Call blocking apps

For users whose smartphones do not have sufficient options, applications from the Play Store can also be used. we find something like black list, call blocker or Call Controlthe purpose of each is to help us have peace.

Orange, SFR, Bouygues, Free Mobile: your operator can also block on their side

Operators can directly block your preferred numbers on their side. With some operators you have to call customer service directly, while with others everything can be done through the customer interface.

free mobile

  • go Free subscriber area mobile by clicking here
  • enter inside Manage my account > My Services
  • Activate the service Call and SMS/MMS filters
  • Add the numbers you want Filtering incoming communications
  • Make sure you select the action when adding Block about this number
  • click To protect

orange sauce

Orange offers an app Orange Phone This allows blocking.


SFR offers an application, SFR Antispam, directly on the Google Play Store. You can add the numbers you want to block here.


Bouygues presents the app Calls and You directly on the Play Store. The application that allows you to filter the calls you want (which means blocking them). And reject anonymous calls among other features.

It’s also worth noting that the government has set up a Bloctel system to stop phone spam and the incessant surveillance of certain companies. Unfortunately, the service is incredibly inefficient, so we don’t recommend it.

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And you, what is your favorite method to block a number on your Android?