How To Automatically Switch To The Strongest Wifi On Your Android Device

Wi-Fi signals have limited range, so if you live in a two-story home or work in a large office, you may have multiple routers or repeaters to provide full wireless coverage. Unfortunately, Android handles switching between networks pretty badly.

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The problem with Android is that even if another network has a much stronger signal, it won’t switch to another network until yours sucks. Fortunately, and for the most part, developers have created an app that allows. automatically switch to the Wi-Fi network with the best signal.

How To Automatically Switch To The Strongest Wifi On Your Android Device

First of all, you need to download the application in question, which is Wifi Switcher, right below:


If you have at least Android Marshmallow, you will need to grant permissions for Wifi access in the app. Then you need to do:

  • Set your preferred Wi-Fi networksthat the application will switch between them.
  • Define it in the settings at the top right, signal strength that the application will switch from one network to another. You can also have the app ask you for permission before making the change.
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Now with this app and this little tutorial you will make sure you are on the strongest Wifi network that offers the best connection every time. As always we hope this tip will be useful for you, feel free to share your experience in the comments.

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