How to automatically pause your music when a video starts?

After pointing you at the best music streaming services and showing you how you can improve the sound quality of your smartphone, we now focus on the little hiccups that punctuate the daily lives of music lovers, those who can’t imagine listening to music or even surfing the web without it. precious music in your ears. Whether you listen to your music on Spotify, Deezer, or Tidal, you have surely fallen victim to this unpleasant situation: you had to cut a great video to pause your playlist.

How does work?

Its use is as simple as it sounds: when a video starts on your computer, the software will stop playing the music! When the video is over, the music will magically reappear! You will have absolutely nothing to do to enable or disable the software.

To enjoy on Windows, go to the software’s home page and download it. After installing it on your device, you need to define which apps will depend on So choose your favorite streaming service, Like Spotify or Google Play. This is when you decide which default program will play music. If you change the streaming service, therefore, you will need to change your selection in the app. If you are someone who likes to listen to music on Youtube on your Android phone, we have a little tip for you!

Then start a video on any platform. will automatically stop playing your music and notify you with a short message in the program window. what is going on and why did the music suddenly stopto. If you cut the video, the video restarts as if nothing happened. promises to be forgotten by the user and to act in the shadow of his machine to make his daily life easier.

Watch the video below that explains how works.

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