How to Add Your Favorite NFL Team Calendar to Google Calendar

As the NFL season heats up, users may want to follow their favorite team’s NFL schedule using their smartphones and Google Calendar. NFL fans can install this on their mobile devices, but it’s not that easy.

We will show users how to do this in their computer’s browser. This will allow them to see the schedule on their phone or tablet if they add Google Calendar to their device. It’s the same on mobile as long as the user clicks the link at the bottom of the Google Calendar page to open the Desktop version of the page.

Sync Google Calendar with Android and iOS

Here’s how to get Google Calendar to sync with Android or iOS. If you’ve already installed it, skip to the next section.

Android devices automatically add Google Calendar to the device after signing in to the user account. To make sure your account will appear on the phone, go to Android Settings and find the section. Tap , then tap the account name. Make sure there is a check mark by

On an iPhone or iPad go to Settings and then find it about a third of the way to the left. Tap and tap on the Google Calendar account you plan to use to subscribe to an NFL team. If it’s not yet set up on iPhone or iPad, tap on it and follow the wizard to add it.

How to Add NFL Team Schedules to Google Calendar

People using Gmail already have access Google Calendar. Go there and sign in with your Gmail address and password.

google calendar browser is interesting

Click the little dropdown arrow icon and select Browse Interesting Calendars.

Look for the section in the lower left area of ​​the Google Calendar screen. Click the small drop-down arrow to the right of the section title that reads. Select from the drop-down menu.

A new screen with three tabs labeled and appears. Click . A list of sports is shown on the screen. To choose . Choose .

google calendar football

The screen below lists all NFL teams. Click to see how the calendar looks, or click to add the calendar to your Google Calendar.

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packer calendar on google calendar

From then on, the calendar will show the team schedule on your Google Calendar and will sync with any mobile device or computer that Google Calendar has synced with the device.

Other Interesting Calendars You Can Subscribe To

In the box listing all users you will find calendars for the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths. There are also dozens of national calendars from countries around the world.

Under calendars we get calendars for a number of sports, including:

Click on each sport to show which leagues Google includes. For example, under Basketball, users can subscribe to more than one league. College fans can find the NCAA listing all Division I schools. Subscribe to as many of them as you want.

The tab lists other calendars, including:

We’re not sure why there is only one calendar for Louisville and no other city.

Notice that there is a list of other Calendar tools on the right side of the screen. Users can:

One end of the hat sticks out Android Center Here’s How-To for inspiration.

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