How to Add Sticky Notes to Your iPhone Home Screen

I love sticky notes. While I use task managers and project managers to manage my daily life, there are always sticky notes to show me the most important tasks of the day. A few years ago I switched from physical sticky notes to digital ones as I was finally able to place them on my desktop. And now with widget support in iOS 14, I can even place sticky notes on my iPhone Home Screen. If you are interested, follow the article to find out how.

Add Sticky Notes to iPhone Home Screen

To do this, sticky widgets (Free). Click the link to download the app and then continue with the steps.

1. Touch and hold Home Screen to enter “Jiggle” mode. Here tap the (+) button in the upper left corner.

swing mode

2. Here, scroll down to find Sticky Widgets and tap on it.

2. add sticky widget

3. Swipe from left to right to select the correct widget size and tap the “Add Widgets” button.

3. Choose the widget size

4. Now you can Drag the widget to place it where you want it. Once you are satisfied with the widget layout, tap on Done.

4. Add sticky notes to home screen on iPhone

5. Tap the widget to open the editing screen. Here you can add any text you want.

5. tap the widget to open edit

6. By default, the sticky widget comes in yellow. You can do pay $1.99 upgrade price to unlock other colors. To do this, tap the upgrade button.

6. upgrade sticky widget

7. Finally, tap the “Save” button to save the edited widget.

7. Add sticky notes to home screen on iPhone

Add Sticky Widgets to Home Screen on iPhone

The sticky widget shows that you don’t need to bring hundreds of customization features to provide value to users. However, if you want to create custom widgets in iOS 14, you can click to read the linked article. Do you like the new widget features? let us know in the comments below.

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