How to Add Multiple Gmail Accounts to iPhone

If you have multiple Gmail email accounts and an iPhone, here’s how to add all your Gmail accounts to your iPhone to access any of them on the go.

Gmail is one of the most popular email services around, and the iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones on the market. Together they can create the ultimate combination, but first you need to know how to set them all up. Fortunately, there are several ways to add your Gmail accounts to your iPhone. Choosing one or the other will depend entirely on how you prefer to check your email and what type of user interface you want to use.

One method is to add your Google account to iOS in Settings and then use the built-in Mail app to access your Gmail accounts. The second method is the easier way, where you download the Gmail app from the App Store. Each has its pros and cons, but I’ll show you how to set up Gmail using both methods, and from there you can decide which one is best for you.

Using the Stock Mail App

If you want to use the built-in Mail app in iOS 8 on your iPhone for your Gmail correspondence, here’s how to import your Gmail information into the Mail app and sync your emails from multiple accounts for a hassle-free experience.

First open the app and then scroll down and tap on it. To the top, tap on it.

You will see a list of available options, including Google (Gmail), Yahoo, AOL, and Outlook. Choose obviously.

On the next page, you will type your name, email address and password for one of your Gmail accounts. When you’re done, tap on the top right corner and iOS will verify the information.


Once verified, on the next page you need to select the information you want synced from Gmail, including your email, contacts, calendar, and notes. Change any of them you want and then tap on it in the upper right corner.


From there, you can open the Mail app and see all your emails just like you see them in Gmail. Just repeat this process for your other Gmail accounts.

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The nice thing about this method is that the Mail app is fully integrated into iOS, so it works well with other apps you go back and forth. However, it does not have the same features as the Gmail app, such as labels and starred email. However, if you prefer a seamless experience between the web-based Gmail and the mobile experience, this is where the second method comes into play.

Downloading the Gmail App

The Gmail app includes many of the same features as the web interface, so switching between the two is smooth and familiar. However, while the swipes found in the default Mail app make it much easier to navigate and manage your email, the Gmail app doesn’t.

Personally, I like the Gmail app as its interface is similar to the web interface, meaning I can get close to the same features on both platforms and labels work the same way, which is super useful. Similarly, if you think you’d prefer to use the Gmail app, here’s how to install the app and add multiple Gmail accounts.


First, open it on your iPhone and save the . This should be the first result that pops up, but if not, look for the app developed by him, which will appear as a small text below the app’s name.

After downloading the app, open it and go through the installation process. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but the most important step is to explicitly enter your Gmail email address and password. After that, you will be greeted with a small tour of how the app works and how to use it.

From there, when you access your inbox, you’ll be greeted with an interface similar to that of the web interface, only on a smaller screen and more convenient to tap rather than click. However, if you are familiar with the Gmail web interface, you should have no problem learning how the Gmail app works.


Now, to add more Gmail accounts to the Gmail app, tap the menu button in the upper left corner; this will bring up the sidebar. At the top, tap the downward facing arrow and then select Manage Accounts at the bottom.

Next, tap on Add another account and enter the email address and password for this account. From there everything will be ready and added to the application. Whenever you want to switch to a different Gmail account, simply tap the menu button and then the down arrow through which you can switch accounts.

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