How to Add Kids Profile on Google TV

Recently, Google introduced A great new feature that lets you add a kids profile on Google TV. Then you can set parental controls, share your family library, approve purchases, manage screen time, monitor apps and much more. This is one of the best Google TV tricks you should use to improve your kid’s experience on Google TV. So, if you want to add a kids profile and configure various parental controls on Google TV, check out our simple guide below.

Add Kids Profile on Google TV (2021)

1. First go to your profile icon and click “Change account“on the hill.

2. Then, “Add Children” button.

Add Kids Profile on Google TV (2021)

3. Press “ to start the installation process.To start” on the login screen.

Add Kids Profile on Google TV (2021)

4. On the next page, “add child” To continue. If you have already added a child to your Google account, it will appear here. Then you can select the child with whom you set up the account from the list.

Add Kids Profile on Google TV (2021)

5. Now enter the name of your child whose profile you have created and click “Next“.

Add Kids Profile on Google TV (2021)

6. Enter the child’s age on the next page and click “Next”. After that scroll down and accept the terms and conditions and keep moving forward.

Add Kids Profile on Google TV (2021)

7. Google TV will take you through the parental verification process to complete the setup. Select the parent’s account and submit the code. You will be Get a 6 digit code on your mobile number. Enter the code and click “Next”.

Enter the code

8. Finally, you have created a child profile on your Google TV. Now you will see a list of recommended apps on the screen, choose the apps you want your kids to accessand click “Install and Continue” to complete the installation.

choose kids apps

9. You can also: Set ‘screen time’ to determine how long your children can watch TV. This feature also allows you to set a bedtime limit where your child cannot access the TV.

screen TIME

10. The thing I love most is a ‘Profile lock’ option too. We recommend that you set a PIN for the child’s profile so that your children cannot switch to other profiles at any time.

profile lock

11. Apart from that, you have other parental controls such as: setting themessharing your family library, choosing TV ratings for your child, and more.

Parental Controls

12. So this is whow a kids profile looks on Google TV after installing everything once.

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child profile

13. Also, I recommend you install Google FamilyLink app (Android, iOS) to confirm purchases, manage screen time, and control other settings on the go.

family link app

Set Parental Controls for Your Child on Google TV

This is how you can activate a child profile on Google TV and configure various parental controls for your children. The process is simple and you can have the child profile up and running in just a few minutes. If you want to learn how to customize the Google TV home screen or turn off personalized suggestions through the linked articles. Anyway, that’s it for us. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.