How to Add Icons to Google Slides

For the longest time, Microsoft’s PowerPoint was the ubiquitous target for creating slides and presentations. Fortunately, things have changed a lot and now there are a few alternatives like Google Slides. Google Slides is a feature-packed service and has quite a few tricks up its sleeves, but lacks a native option to add icons directly. For this you will either need to add the pre-downloaded icons as images or you may need to install a few plugins to get the job done.

Once installed, these add-ons behave like almost any other add-on, allowing you to explore various icons and illustrations without leaving the window. Like any other add-on, these work online and you need internet access to run them.

All done, now let’s take a look at a few of these plugins that allow you to add icons to Google Slides to improve the overall look.

1. Flat icon

The Flaticon website is perhaps one of the popular places for icons, and the Google Slides Plugin is no less. With it, you can explore a multitude of icons, whether it’s a simple black and white icon or a fancy colored icon.

How to Add Icons to Google Slides 1
How to Add Icons to Google Slides 2

The best part is that the plugin displays similar icons at the bottom. This makes the job several times easier as you don’t have to search for the same thing over and over. It also ensures that your slides have a harmonious design with similar icons.

After installing the Flaticon plugin, you can search for icons in the right panel. Then just click the Add button to add one to your slide. And hey, you can also choose the size and color.

You can always free-hand resize, but choosing a specific size from the drop-down menu will ensure you have the same size throughout.

How to Add Icons to Google Slides 3

Naturally, some icons are locked under a paywall. But the good thing is that the range of free icons is quite wide. Also, after installing this plugin you will be able to use it in Google Docs and Google Sheets.

2. Free Icons from Icons8

If you don’t want to spend money on icons, you should have a look at the Icons8 plugin. This plugin works in Google Slides, Forms and even Docs. More importantly, it has a huge collection of icons in various designs and colors so that you have enough options to liven up boring slides.

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How to Add Icons to Google Slides 4
How to Add Icons to Google Slides 5

The search feature makes it easy to search for a specific genre. As above, you can choose the size and color from the color wheel.

Using the plugin is not rocket science. You just have to choose your job and continue.

3. Name Project

Another plugin that lets you add icons to Google Slides is Noun Project. It is a freemium plugin and the free version gives you access to around 100 icons. Of course, you can upgrade and access various icons.

How to Add Icons to Google Slides 6
How to Add Icons to Google Slides 7

Name Project has mostly black and white icons by default. But of course you can choose a color from the pinwheel to change the hue. On the downside, it is limited to a single tone.

Like Flaticon, you can also choose the size. Or you can add the icon directly to your Google Slide by clicking the little Download sign on the icons.

It is available for free on the Google Workspace Marketplace. To access all icons, you need to subscribe to the paid version.

How to Change the Color of Icons

Most of these plugins allow you to easily change the color provided the plugin panel is open. The good news is that Slides also has a built-in method that lets you change the formatting.

To do this, select the icon and go to Format > Format Options. Select Recolor from the drop-down menu and choose a color.

How to Change Icon Colors in Google Slides 100?
How to change icon colors in Google Slides 120 Icons

You can also change the transparency and brightness of the icon. Or if you want to add zing, you can also add animations to these icons.

Add Color to Your Slides

These were some of the plugins where you can add icons to your Google plugins. If you’re not comfortable allowing access, you can download the icons separately and then add them as images/images.

Naturally, this will complicate things a bit as you will need to work on a color theme before downloading it. You may have to pay an extra price per icon.