How to Add Email Accounts to Mail in Windows 10

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s second big shot in more ways than one. Many see this as the company’s last opportunity to properly balance the needs of laptop and desktop users with tablet users. Others hope that this will be the operating system that perfectly encompasses all of Microsoft’s different services and extras. One thing is for sure, Windows 10 includes lots of new apps and major upgrades, Outlook Mail is one of them.

Outlook Mail on Windows 10, abbreviated as Mail Only, looks and feels different from any app available in Windows 8.1. There are attributes stuffed into each field. It has multi-account support and built-in ways to manage some of the settings you use to log into Moreover, Outlook Mail on Windows 10 properly supports almost every major email service you can think of. Yahoo!, Outlook, Gmail, Office 365, and webmail accounts are all compatible with the app.

Here’s what you need to know about how to add email accounts to Mail in Windows 10 and use the new Outlook Mail app as your one place for email.

If you are on a laptop or desktop, press the button to go to the Start Menu. Windows 10 tablet and touch users should press the Windows button on their device or the Windows button in the lower-right corner of their screen to open the Start Screen.

Now select the Mail app. It’s fixed to your screen by default, but it might be missing if you’ve done a Windows 10 upgrade and haven’t used the app before. Keyboard and tablet users should press the button at the bottom right of the Start Screen and Start Menu to see a list of every app they have installed on their machine. Tap or click in the list of installed apps.

If this is your first time opening Mail on Windows 10, you will review its features and a button that lets you add an email account by default. You can follow the prompts and set up your email accounts pretty quickly with it. If you’ve been to the Mail app before but haven’t added an account, it’s more detailed. You will get a view similar to the one above. Tap or click the gear wheel of the Mail app.

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Now click or tap on it.

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You should already have a Microsoft Account listed under Accounts in the app. If you want to add more email accounts, click or tap the button at the bottom of the list.

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Tap the type of email account you have in the pop-up window. For this example, we’re using Gmail.

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Go ahead and enter your email address and password information. If you have made some advanced security settings in your account, you may need to enter a code.

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Click now and the email account you added should be available in Outlook Mail.

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To switch to multiple accounts, tap or click the arrow next to the account you opened in the left pane of your screen. You can skip all the toggles and go directly to specific email accounts by pinning an account to your screen. Right click on each account or and choose if you want to do this. Touch users must hold their finger on the account name and tap Pin to do the same.

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Know that all email accounts added to Outlook Mail in Windows 10 will be migrated to other computers equipped with Windows 10. It is also important to know that Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar work together. If your account exists in Outlook Mail, your appointments are automatically added to the Outlook Calendar. There is no way to open an account in one and be in the other.

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Good luck with Windows 10 and setting up your email accounts. Microsoft says it plans to continually add more features and fixes to Mail. If you deleted Mail, you can reinstall it along with Outlook Calendar from Microsoft’s Windows Store.

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