How to Add Data on T-Mobile USA

Wireless operator T-Mobile USA just didn’t want to gain a few subscribers after its proposed merger with AT&T Wireless failed. The company launched Uncarrier initiatives and set the wireless industry on fire. Bombshell announcements and customer-friendly initiatives have made T-Mobile the must-watch wireless carrier. New phone buying options aside, T-Mobile’s most interesting moves revolve around data and how it’s used. Occasionally, you’ll need to add data to T-Mobile, but not as often as you should.

T-Mobile, like any other wireless carrier, wants and needs to make money. For years, operators have made a profit by controlling how much users can talk or how many text messages they can send per month. Review your allocation and they charged you. The process was the same for cellular data. T-Mobile first solved this problem by offering what it describes as an end to data redundancy. On T-Mobile you are only given high-speed data allocation. Review that allocation and the carrier won’t cut you off.

Instead, it slows down the amount of data your phone can consume. In theory, it’s a user-friendly way to encourage heavy users to upgrade their data plans. If you often find yourself getting a text message from T-Mobile that you regularly review your data share, it’s time to add data to T-Mobile. Here’s how to do it.

How to Add Data to T-Mobile: Before You Begin

There are some basic concepts you should understand before adding data to T-Mobile. Are you a postpaid customer or a prepaid customer? This how-to covers how to add data to postpaid accounts only. These are the accounts that T-Mobile bills you each month based on your usage. There are no store-brought cards to enter or normal work cards to consider.

Second, you seriously want to better understand how T-Mobile’s data promotions and initiatives work. Some of these attempts may mean you don’t need to add data to T-Mobile.

Data Warehouse

DataStash allows users to create a backup data bucket that they can tap into when they exceed their monthly high-speed data share. If you have DataStash, you can dive into that data to meet your immediate needs. T-Mobile allows users to keep data in DataStash for one year. Years. Check if you have DataStash and how much is in it in the My Account area. DataStash is included in 6GB and 10GB data packages on prepaid and postpaid accounts.

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Music Freedom and Binge On

With Music Freedom & Binge On, T-Mobile USA allows subscribers to enjoy the media they like for a month without drastically affecting their data usage. The services you probably use the most are included in Music Freedom and Binge On, but be sure to check it out. Switching to one of the supported services can have a huge impact on your data usage. Then you don’t need to add data to T-Mobile.

Add Data to T-Mobile with the T-Mobile App

If you’re out and about, you can take care of your data worries right from the dedicated T-Mobile app for iPhone and Android. Download at iTunes Store and Google Play store.

Make sure you have your account password.

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After logging in, look for the button. Choose now.

How to Add Data to T-Mobile USA (3)

Look at the plan details and decide which plan is right for your needs. Note that the cheapest postpaid plans on T-Mobile do not support Binge On or DataStash.

If your list of available plans doesn’t match what you’ve seen in this tutorial, don’t worry. The wireless industry is notorious for making frequent changes to its offerings. For example, DataStash is only available for plans with 6GB or more of data. T mobile. For some reason the 3GB plan listed in our account supports DataStash.

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While you’re here, you may also want to take a look at the add-on services available in your account. None of this has an impact on how much data you use, but it’s never a bad idea to know exactly what you’re paying for.

Windows mobile users should note that the T-Mobile app in the Windows Store is very old and may not support switching data plans. If you were asked to turn it off by the app, make sure to turn your device’s Wi-Fi back on.

Add Data to T-Mobile over the Web

Changing your data plan is just as simple T-Mobile’s Website as it has iPhone and Android apps.

Login to the site using your account phone number and password.

How to Add Data to T-Mobile USA (5)

Click or tap on it in the top menu.

t-mobile binge on 2

Now click or tap on it.

How to Add Data in T-Mobile USA (7)

Select the plan you want to go with and click Next. The site will guide you through the rest of the process.

Changes to data are instant, meaning they will be reflected in the next invoice you receive for that data period.

Good luck with your data changes. We hope you can achieve a healthy balance between additional data and pricing.

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