How to Add Captions to Photos and Videos in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

Searching for a particular image among thousands of images is a tedious task. While macOS already has the option to add captions to photos for a quick search, iOS lacked this nifty tool until the arrival of iOS 14. So no more jumping from one end of the photo library to the other just to select a specific photo or video! Let me show you how you can add captions to photos and videos in iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 for quick finding.

How to Add Captions to Photos and Videos on iPhone and iPad

Photos’ captions feature iCloud Photo Library to sync captions between iDevices, including Mac. Therefore, if you have iCloud Photo Library enabled on your iOS device, the captions will sync across your devices connected to the same iCloud account. In addition, you can edit subtitles and even remove those that are no longer needed.

Adding Captions to Photos and Videos

1. On your iPhone or iPad Photos appp and then go to the picture you want to caption.

2. Now, scroll the picture up To access the “Add Title” bar

Show an Add Subtitle button

3. Next, enter the desired title. After adding the subtitle, make sure to tap on it. Completed to finish.

Add a caption to your images

Search Photos/Videos with Captions on iPhone or iPad

After adding subtitles, searching for images is a breeze.

1. Open Photos app on your device and press the button Search Tab.

Access Search Bar

2. Now, name from the title.

Search for an image with subtitles

Request! The Photos app will quickly display the pictures you’ve captioned. Choose what you need and you are ready to go.

Edit/Remove Captions from Your Photos on iOS and iPadOS

As mentioned above, you can edit the title however you want and whenever you want. The process is equally simple.

  1. Open Photos app on your iPhone or iPad and navigate to: image.

select photo

2. Now, scroll the picture up To bring up the subtitle bar Then edit or remove the title. After that, hit Completed Press the button to confirm the changes made to the subtitle.

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Edit caption on photos and videos on iPhone or iPad

Use Subtitles to Quickly Search for Photos and Videos on iPhone or iPad

So this is the simple way to use subtitles in iOS 14. This is quite helpful and works effectively in finding an image. While I’m happy with this feature, I would appreciate it if Apple also added the option to edit the metadata of images.

iOS 14 brought a few nice improvements to the Photos apps, including allowing an app to access only certain images, and filters to view images by organized, favorites, and more. Apart from improving Photos, iOS 14 has also improved Messages, Shortcuts and Voice Memos. By the way, what do you think of these improvements? Shoot in the comments section below.

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