How to Add Calendars and Events to the Calendar in Windows 10

We use so many devices for different things every day. Almost everyone has a laptop that allows them to stay productive and enjoy their free time wherever they are. More and more users have tablets and smartphones that they can pull out in any situation to stay connected. No matter what kind of device you have, you have a calendar app on it, and the Windows 10 update improves the Calendar experience on Windows laptops, desktops, and tablets in all sorts of interesting ways.

Officially called the Outlook Calendar, Calendar in Windows 10 gives you more granular control over your appointments. It works with Outlook Mail and lets you accept invitations with just the push of a button. New week, day, and month views let you quickly see what’s going on. Best of all, Microsoft has stopped pushing users into its ecosystem. Calendar for Windows 10 works with accounts you have.

Here are some tips on how to add calendars and events to Outlook Calendar on Windows 10, as well as using Outlook Calendar with some other apps and features of the operating system.

Add Calendars to Outlook Calendar in Windows 10

Let’s start by adding a calendar. There is a chance that the Calendar app is pinned to your Start Menu or Start Screen. If you are using a mouse and keyboard, press the Windows button in the lower left corner of your screen to open the Start Menu. If you are using touch, press the Windows button on your device.

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Now search for the app. Don’t worry if it is not fixed to your screen. Click or tap the button to get a list of every app installed on your Windows 10 laptop, tablet or desktop. Now click or tap Calendar. Note that Windows 10 looks a little different depending on whether you’re in Tablet Mode or not. So don’t worry if what you see looks a little different than what is shown here.

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Welcome to the new Outlook Calendar app for Windows 10. If you’ve never opened the app before, you’ll see a setup screen that guides you through the setup process. Follow the prompts and you can easily add Outlook, Gmail, Exchange and iCloud calendars. Any accounts you’ve previously signed in to with Outlook Mail appear here in the Calendar.

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If you need to add a calendar to the app after completing the initial setup process, click the gear icon above the Outlook Calendar app for Windows 10.

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tap or click

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Tap or click .

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Choose what type of account you have and provide the information requested during the setup process for that account. You will always need your username and password for that service. Sometimes you may need a special pin code if you have additional protection setup for an account, such as Two-Factor Authentication.

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Adding Appointments and Events to Outlook Calendar in Windows 10

To add an event to the Outlook Calendar in Windows 10, tap or click the button in the upper left corner of the app.

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Now add all the information about the event and tap or click on it if you have more than one calendar if you want to make sure you select the correct calendar from the dropdown when creating your new appointment or event.

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Calendar in Windows 10: What You Need to Know

When you create an appointment in a particular calendar, that appointment is synced back to the account you added to the Outlook Calendar. In short, events can get scattered across multiple accounts depending on how you set up your calendars if you’re not careful. Outlook does this so you can keep work accounts and personal accounts separate. Because Outlook Calendar and Outlook Mail work together in Windows 10, removing one account also removes the account on the other., Outlook for iOS, and Outlook for Android also sync together. If you are planning to use Outlook Calendar for Windows 10 and you should because it is awesome, download these apps as well. Microsoft’s Windows 10 update for Windows Phones will arrive this fall with an upgraded app for this platform.

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Every laptop, tablet, or desktop running Windows 10 has a search box on its taskbar that allows users to connect with the new personal assistant Cortana. You can have Cortana add new appointments to your calendar at any time using voice or text. “Add a Dentist Appointment to My Calendar for July 8 7:00 pm” is something you can type in the search box for quick results. Click the microphone and the same command works with voice.

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Good luck with your Windows 10 PC or upgrade. Microsoft said it plans to continue rolling out Outlook Calendar updates through the Windows Store.

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