How to Activate WhatsApp’s New Status Feature on Android

Update: WhatsApp has now rolled out the new “Status” feature to all Android and iPhone users. The new feature comes as a server update, so you don’t even need to update the app. It brings a new “Status” tab between your chats and calls. In the Status tab, you’ll see all status updates, along with a button to post your own. It’s almost identical to Instagram stories, a clone of Snapchat Stories. Like Snapchat stories, you can add emoji to your statuses, text and even doodle on it.

WhatsApp has been pushing some seriously interesting updates over the past few months. Most of the features are clones of features in other apps like Snapchat. It looks like parent company Facebook is trying to beat Snapchat at its own game after failed attempts to buy Snapchat. After introducing image editing features similar to Snapchat, WhatsApp is now preparing to release a new feature called “.Status” and not the Status feature we are used to, but a new feature similar to what Snapchat offers with Stories, Instagram has copied it under the same “Stories” moniker. So, yes, Facebook moves fast when it comes to stealing Snapchat’s features.

This new Status feature is not yet available for stable or beta, but if you have a rooted Android device, you can easily enable this feature on your phone. Here are the steps to enable the new WhatsApp Status feature on Android:

How to get WhatsApp Status feature


  • Rooted Android device
  • WhatsApp Beta version 2.16.336 and above.

For this feature to work on your device, you must first enter the beta program of WhatsApp. You can enter WhatsApp’s beta testing program here. Or you can catch it APKMirror.

We will use an app called to enable this feature. WA tweaks. Since this feature is not yet available in Public beta, we will need to add the custom code for it and the WA Tweaks app will do it for us.

Well, before making any changes, I want you to backup your WhatsApp chats and data to Google Drive. Since we will replace the WhatsApp database on your phone, you may lose your data if something goes wrong. Actually, I suggest you to backup the app using Titanium backup.

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After finishing, follow the steps given below:

one. Download and install the APK for Latest version of WA Tweaks.

2. Open the app, it will first check if you have root access. Tap on allow when prompted to grant root access.

3. Now we need to enable several options for the Status feature to work. Firstly, “enable New Home UI choice.


4. Next, open the drawer from the left and Tap on “Extra”. Here is what you need to do Tap on “Inject WhatsApp Status Chat”.


Now, you should open WhatsApp and see if it works. If not, you should try again. It will work after a few tries. If you want to go back to the normal WhatsApp interface, simply disable the options in WA Tweaks.

Quick Look at Status Feature of WhatsApp

New feature additions in WhatsApp have been really delayed, and it’s no surprise that the new Status feature isn’t even part of the beta, so it’s pretty problematic. But let’s see how the new WhatsApp Status works.

First, there are some changes to the UI. this tabs on home page now have a “Status” tab. Also, a camera icon aligned with tabs in the left corner.


In my opinion, it looks pretty weird with the camera icon aligned with the tabs. However, it may change when it goes public. next, coming Status tab.


On the Status tab, your status will be named My Status. You can create a new Status by tapping the Status icon in the upper right corner. Creating a status is similar to sharing a photo and includes the same UI you get when editing photos in WhatsApp.


Once you’re done creating your Status, you can choose who you want to share your Status with. You can send it as a photo to specific groups or individuals, or Select My Status at the top to share as a status. You have full control over who can see your status. Status Buyers page. You can adjust this by tapping the settings icon while sending. activity. You can do exclude contacts If you don’t want to see your status less, otherwise select specific contacts if few want to show their status. However, you cannot set this for every State every time.

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Status works the same as Instagram stories. They are added to your current Status and you can also control who viewed your Status.

It would be unfair to compare it with other apps as it is still under development. So, let’s wait until we reach the public beta.

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Do you like the new WhatsApp Status feature?

We have seen many great features introduced in WhatsApp over the past few months. Video calling is in Beta and the new Status feature is in development so it will be a blast for all WhatsApp users. While you can only enable this feature on rooted devices, we can expect it to arrive in WhatsApp beta soon. Well, that’s all from us, let us know what you think of this new Status feature. Also, if you have any questions about activating the feature, mention them in the comments section below.