How to make your old Android smartphone much faster in just a few minutes?

Galaxy S24

There inevitably comes a time when an aging Android smartphone starts to suffer due to its age. While we can’t strongly recommend replacing your phone when it no longer receives updates from its manufacturer, it’s obviously easier said than done. Unfortunately, as time goes by, the smartphone becomes slower and therefore unpleasant to use.

Of course, the decrease in the performance of a smartphone is (unfortunately inevitable). However, this does not mean that it is impossible to slow down this process. In fact, thanks to Android’s openness and countless customization possibilities, it’s possible to slightly extend the life of your phone by simply disabling a few features.

Which settings should you disable to improve the performance of your Android smartphone?

To make navigation more fluid and enjoyable, Android is full of all kinds of animations that after a certain time we no longer even notice. Moving from one screen to another, opening an app… All these animations improve the user experience, but they have an unfortunate drawback: They consume a lot of resources.

This should not be a problem on a new smartphone that is regularly updated. But this quickly becomes problematic on an older device trying to keep up. Thus, the entire system is slowed down to be able to display these animations, and ultimately we can do without these animations if it allows us to use our smartphone for a longer time.

How can you improve the performance of your Android smartphone by disabling these settings?

The good news is that these animations are relatively easy to turn off. However, you should delve into Android development options. This may seem scary at first, but rest assured, it’s not rocket science. To get started, here’s how to enable development options on your smartphone:

  • Open Settings from your smartphone
  • Go to section About phone Later Software information
  • press version number

android development option tutorialandroid development option tutorial

When it’s over, a new section titled Development options It will appear under your settings. Note that this process may differ slightly depending on the brand of your smartphone. If the above procedure does not apply to your case, feel free to refer to our complete guide to enable developer mode on Android.

Now that you have access to a range of new options, it’s just a matter of finding the ones that interest you. Then go to the section Development options then scroll until you find a named category Parts (on some devices this may also look like this: Entertainment). Here you will find three parameters that are of particular interest to us:

  • Window animation scale: controls the speed of opening, closing and resizing windows
  • Transition animation scale: controls the speed of transitions between different screens and menus
  • Animation time scale: Controls the overall speed of Android animations
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android tutorial disable animationsandroid tutorial disable animations

By default, the values ​​associated with each parameter are x1. You can drop the second one x0.5This means reducing the speed of animations by a factor of two or even disabling them completely by selecting the option. Animation is disabled.

You should feel the effects of this small change immediately. Of course, you will definitely need some time to adapt, because your smartphone will suddenly become much more rigid. But you’ll gain a lot in performance, and if you can’t replace it with a newer model right away, this tip will allow you to keep it around a little longer.

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