How is Google’s revolutionary new artificial intelligence, Gemini Pro, being tested in France?

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Google recently lifted the curtain Gemini ProAn advanced language model (LLM) that made a splash in the world of artificial intelligence. Even though the Gemini Pro show was partially planned, its capabilities are still impressive. It has been integrated into products such as. Poet and Pixel 8 Pro, Gemini Pro Not yet available in Europe. However, French users can test this artificial intelligence using a quiz. simple method.

Gemini Pro one Conversational Artificial Intelligence very interesting. It can recognize visual elements, create optional games, and capture cultural references. This technology promises to improveinteraction with digital devicesAs Google’s impressive showing shows.

How to Test Gemini Pro on Google Bard?

Here are the steps Access Gemini Pro :

Configure a VPN:

google bard gemini tutorialgoogle bard gemini tutorial

  • Install a VPN on your Android device. There are several free options to choose from. Tunnelbear (pictured opposite) is a free and reliable option.
  • If you don’t know how to use VPN, here is the link to our dedicated tutorial.
  • Choose one American server Among the options offered to you. Location is important.
  • Connect to VPN.

Change Language Settings:

google bard gemini tutorialgoogle bard gemini tutorial

  • Open the settings of your smartphone and go to the “Google” section.
  • Choose ” Manage your Google account “.
  • Go to “Personal Information”.

google bard gemini tutorialgoogle bard gemini tutorial

  • Select “General Web Preferences”
  • Click “Language”
  • Add American English, English United States, as a native language. You’re ready to start Gemini Pro.

Access Google Bard:

google bard gemini tutorialgoogle bard gemini tutorial

  • Visit
  • Log in with your Google account.
  • A. blue banner should confirm that Bard is using Gemini Pro in English.

Although Gemini Pro is not yet available in France, test this artificial intelligence Google Bard offers users outside the United States a unique opportunity to explore Google’s latest innovations in artificial intelligence. In addition to deep language understanding and the ability to provide complex answers, Gemini Pro fast response timeIt provides almost instantaneous interactions. This speed, combined with its precision and depth of analysis, reveals its enormous potential. next generation language models.

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