How Do You Stop iTunes Opening While Plugging In An iPhone?

If you don’t use iTunes and hate it when the app launches every time you plug in your iPhone, here’s how to disable it from doing so in the future.

iTunes is a useless app, although it allows you to sync all your media to your iPhone and also acts as a music player and accesses the iTunes Store. All my media is in the cloud so I don’t need to use iTunes to sync and I don’t use iTunes as a music or video player. I also don’t use the iTunes Store on my Mac.

That means iTunes is essentially useless for me, but I’ve found that whenever you perform a clean install of OS X, it automatically starts launching iTunes every time you plug in your iPhone.

It’s annoying to say the least, especially if you don’t use iTunes at all. Fortunately, there is an easy way to stop iTunes from opening when plugging an iPhone into your computer.

So if you’re like me and don’t use iTunes, here’s how to prevent your iPhone from starting every time you plug it in.

When I plug my iPhone in, I can usually just charge the media instead of syncing it, so I find it annoying that iTunes opens automatically when I plug in my iPhone. However, this is really easy to disable feature.

To prevent iTunes from opening when you plug in an iPhone, just follow these simple steps.


That is all. iTunes won’t open automatically the next time you plug your iPhone into your computer.

Other iTunes Cheats

This may not be the only iTunes feature you’re unfamiliar with, as there are loads of other tips and tricks you can use with iTunes to make the experience a little better.

For example, you can make Playlists in the top center to bring back the sidebar that many users loved in previous versions of iTunes.

You can also get rid of duplicate content really easily. Often times I see users’ libraries full of two of the same song, either because the import is problematic or they literally have two of the same song. You can easily collapse it to quickly clear all your duplicates by going to .

iTunes also supports Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, etc. It has useful keyboard shortcuts such as pressing Cmd+1-7 to switch between different sections. useful for you.

Above: iTunes' Playback settings

Above: iTunes’ Playback settings

You can even use iTunes to quickly redeem iTunes gift cards using your Mac’s iSight camera. Simply point the gift card to your camera and it will automatically “scan” it.

If you need to better organize your iTunes music library, the app lets you do that. You probably have music scattered all over your computer, although it’s all been imported into iTunes for easy listening. However, iTunes will make a copy of any media that is not in the Media folder and place that copy in the folder, leaving the originals where they were. You can delete them or leave them there to free up space.

Another set of options that users often overlook is below. From there, you can configure all sorts of neat options for listening to music and watching videos. You can adjust the crossfade when the songs change and there’s even a Volume Control setting; this setting equalizes the volume of all your songs, with one not louder or quieter than the other.

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