How Do You Know If Someone Has Blocked Your Number On iPhone?

It’s really frustrating when someone doesn’t respond to your calls or messages even after several attempts to reach you. The lack of response points to two fairly obvious things. You are either ignored or blocked. You may benefit the other person a little from the doubt due to sudden device failure, hectic lifestyle or connection issues, but there is a limit to everything. While there is no surefire way to tell if someone has blocked your number on iPhone, we have found some workable methods that can help you find out if someone has blocked your number on iPhone.

6 Ways to Check if Someone Has Blocked Your Number on iPhone

Keep in mind that there are many reasons why your calls may not reach or your messages may not reach your destination. So be sure to check all the upsides before coming to a conclusion.

Send a Polite Text and Wait for a Response

Probably the easiest way to tell if someone has blocked your number on iPhone is to send a message and check the response. If so, try this nifty tip to get the mystery out of the way.

  • go to: Apple Messages app on your iPhone -> conversation sequence -> write and send a short kind message.
  • if you take “Delivered” alert means you are not blocked just below the sent message. This person is most likely trying to ignore you.
  • However, if you get a warning like “Not delivered” or if you don’t see any notifications, your number may be blocked.

On the other hand, keep in mind that poor cellular connection or random iMessage errors can also prevent messages from being delivered successfully. The other person may have enabled Airplane mode to keep calls and messages away for some peace of mind. So, if your message cannot be delivered, wait for a while (or even hours) and then try again.

Try Calling the Contact and Check the Voicemail

If you’re trying to call someone and the call is repeatedly forwarded to voicemail on your iPhone, that’s a sign of possible blocking. However, you should not jump the gun directly. If they’re talking to someone else and they choose to decline your call, your call will go to voicemail. So stop thinking too much and take a moment to let them respond.

Try Calling Contact and Check Voicemail on iPhone

What Happens If The Call Rings Once and Then Goes to Voicemail?

If your call rings a time and a half and is forwarded to voicemail on your iOS device, this is another indication that your number may have been blacklisted. It’s worth noting that if the phone turns off or the battery dies, your call will be forwarded directly to voicemail. If focus mode is enabled, it may be preventing your search from being completed. So make sure you don’t read the direct voicemail status too much and ring it again after a while.

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Enter *67 Before Dial the Number

A smart way to check if your number is blocked on iOS is to disable caller ID and then call the other person. What makes it so useful is that it lets you hide and show your number. “Confidential” “Anonymous” or “Restricted” in the receiver’s caller ID reading. People who work in sensitive areas such as law enforcement or have to make business calls take advantage of this feature to hide their phone number.

  • So add *67 in front of the phone number and then call. For example, *67895454475. If your call is ringing normally or the person is answering the call, there is a good chance your number has been blocked.
  • You can do check the caller id Wikipedia page to find codes to disable caller ID in your country. Note that not all countries allow disabling caller ID. It should also be noted that calls to emergency numbers such as 911 or 112 cannot be masked.
  • Also, iOS offers a setting that lets you hide your caller ID. To do this, go to: Settings app on your iPhone -> Phone -> Show My Caller ID and then turn off the toggle.
Hide Caller ID on iPhone

Ask a Mutual Friend to Call Them

Many people do not prefer to answer calls without a caller ID. Even if the call rings once and is forwarded to voicemail, they may have declined the call.

When someone (like a friend or loved one) doesn’t answer your calls or messages, the best way to get out of the deadlock is to involve a mutual friend in the game. You can ask one of your friends to make a courtesy call to that person. If your mutual friend is able to contact the person, that is a clear indication that you are on their block list.

Why Not Ask Them Directly In Person?

The longer you carry a doubt in your heart, the deeper the pain becomes. Often times, you can only resolve a problem with frankness and open communication. So why not ask them in person: Did you block me on your phone? If they did, you can get an answer right away. And if they did it by mistake, you’ve fixed the problem.

Easy Ways to Find Out If Someone Has Blocked Your Number on iOS

That is all! I hope you have found the right ways to check if someone has blocked your number on iPhone. As I said above, it’s always better to check all possible bads before jumping to any conclusions. So make sure you deal with this frustrating situation with some extra patience. And if necessary, never hesitate to ask the other person if they really put you on their block list. Who knows, this simple approach could save your relationship from breaking down completely.

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