How do you know if someone has blocked you on Facebook?

We all had a heated conversation on Facebook where tensions escalated and our interlocutor decided to cut ties without telling us. So, let’s see the best ways to check if someone has blocked us.

first signs

A blocking by an interlocutor in a social network is recognized by the following signs: first of all, you will no longer be able to start or continue a discussion with him. Also, you no longer have access to his profile.
If you search for the person’s name in your search bar, no results will come up. It is believing that you have never been part of the Facebook community.

don’t be confused

Users of the social network, especially those who are not yet used to it, can make some mistakes. First, blocking and unfriending are two completely different actions. However, motivations can overlap.

Additionally, being blocked produces more or less the same signs as when your reporter deactivates their account. In the end, you unintentionally blocked your interlocutor, not vice versa. In the latter case, the only difference being blocked is that the unblock button is on your side.

look at their conversations

For someone to block you, they may have already spoken to you. In that case, you will surely find your discussion somewhere. Note that you only have a copy of the conversation that you can delete.

Warning message instead of answer

Scroll through the private messages list until you find the chat you shared with your friend. Clicking it opens like any other. However, the text box that is usually at the bottom is no longer there. Instead, you’ll see the warning “You can no longer reply to this discussion” followed by a small “Learn more” link.


If you find the discussion in question, check the image that appears on its icon. If you see a recent or old photo, it means that the person has blocked you.

If it shows Facebook’s default avatar, you might think the user has disabled their account and is not aimed at you. In this case, the warning message at the end of the discussion will be “This person does not exist on Facebook”.

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Today, Facebook only allows you to block messages from interlocutors, without completely blocking them on Facebook. In this case, you will still see the person’s posts and stories, but they will no longer receive your private messages.

Go to their profile

If this evidence has not convinced you yet, try to quote his profile. Normally, if the person has blocked you on Facebook, you won’t have access to it.

Different ways to access your profile

First, you can use the discussion we mentioned above. Tap on their photos and select the profile option. If the bottleneck is proven you will see a nice error page.

Second, you have the option to go through the search engine. Click on the magnifying glass icon and type in their nickname. In the event of a ban, you will not see his account in the results list.

Third, you can try to find it in your News Feed. Find a post where you’re tagged by/with the person. These links cannot be deleted because other users can also access them. If he has effectively blocked you, clicking on his name will bring up an error page or popup.


If the contact has only blocked your chats, it’s fine to search for a profile. You will be able to refer to his profile with one or the other of these three methods. However, it will still not be able to receive your messages.

Verify from another account

As a last resort, if you think that the blocking is definitely due to a usage error of your interlocutor, you can try to reconnect from a friend’s account or create a temporary account.

Two possible types of assistance

If you’ve asked someone for help who isn’t friends with the person you want to contact, have them call that nickname. If there is no result, the person concerned has either changed their name or closed their account.

If you’ve asked a mutual friend for help, send him or her to view their private message and profile. If both tactics work smoothly, there is no longer any doubt. The person has clearly blocked you. Otherwise, he had to deactivate his account.

temporary account

Although rarely used, this method is effective. Create a new Facebook account to apply. You can fill in the necessary information with fake data.

Anyway, it will only serve to find the person who blocked you. If your mission is successful and you find his profile, you have been blocked by him.
When you no longer need this account, feel free to delete it.

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Different forms of blocking on Facebook

General blocking

This is the most radical situation. In the event of a general ban, you will no longer have access to your account. You won’t be able to chat, see their profile, skip their feed, or even find the person with the search engine. In short, you won’t find any trace of your interlocutor’s existence apart from exchanged private messages.

remove from friend list

It’s not exactly a bottleneck, but it can have the same symbolic significance. The person no longer wants to be part of your circle of friends, but does not see you as a danger. You’ll still be able to see their profiles, public posts, and even send messages, but you won’t see their private posts in your News Feed or Stories.

Block messages

The person just blocked your messages. In this case, you will still have access to the private posts and profile, but you will no longer be able to chat with that person.

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