How do you hide your mobile number?

In some cases, you do not want your phone number to appear on your interlocutor’s screen. There are several methods for this. There are several methods. Some are temporary, some are permanent. Some are selective, some are one-sided. Here’s how to enable them.

More than twenty years ago (exactly in 1997), a practical function appeared in fixed and mobile telephony: presentation of the issue. This is a function that has become very common today, allowing the correspondent’s number to be displayed on the screen. Of course, this means that your interlocutor knows what your number is when you call (and vice versa). With this feature, your contacts’ names are displayed when they call you.

At the same time, to protect those who do not want to reveal their phone numbers, Hide your number so that even those who know it cannot be seen. Then this is what appears on the reporter’s screen: “secret number”. Several methods are possible to achieve this result. Find another guide in our columns for blocking certain numbers, including hidden numbers.

Note that blocking a number does not work if the number is private, and some users systematically block private numbers. The final statement about this vehicle is that in certain services like Fire Brigade or SAMU it is impossible to hide its number.

How to make a call while hiding your number?

There are several methods of hiding a number. there are those temporary for occasional use. Others goalkeeper and prevents your number from being displayed during all your calls. During this tutorial we will assume that you want to call 0123456789.

Temporarily block the screen with a character string

The first method, which is temporary and will be repeated for each relevant call, consists of entering a string of characters before the number.

hide tutorial temporary number

This string of characters #31# from a mobile phone. So for our example, type #31#0123456789 to call the number. It works with all numbers (with the exceptions mentioned above), all phones and all operators.

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The character string is different on a landline phone. If you are calling from the orange or SFR line, you should call. 3651. Hide code if calling from a Bouygues Telekom line *1651. If you have a free landline, the string *31*.

Permanently block the screen with a string of characters

Here is the first method to block your number from being viewed. As before, it consists of entering a string of characters. This time, the correspondent number must be entered alone, without being traced. It is not dependent on your carrier.

Character string to be entered from a landline: *31#. To disable private search, then #31#. And to check if the service is enabled or not, type *#31#. Please note that there is no equivalent on a mobile phone.

Block display from client area

You can apply carrier-level blocking for a landline. In this case, you must connect to your client area. Go to the fixed phone section, then your line’s management options. Finally, select ” hide number ” Where ” secret search » by operator’s name.

Block screen with Android smartphone

Android includes a function to permanently block the display of your number. This function is operator dependent and remains active even after replacing the SIM card. This feature is usually found in the Phone app settings.

how to hide android number
  • Meet in the app Phone
  • Open the menu by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Choose “settings »
  • select the section “Other call settings ” Where ” More “Depending on the model
  • Choose ” show my number », « show my id ” Where ” caller ID »
  • Check the box next to “. hide my number »
  • To disable incognito mode, perform the same procedure by unchecking the same option.

Block the screen with an iOS smartphone

iOS also includes a function to permanently block the display of your number. Here, too, this function is operator-dependent and remains active even after replacing the SIM card.

how to hide ios number
  • Go to menu ” settings »
  • select the section ” Phone »
  • Choose ” show my number »
  • Replace the position switch.
  • To disable incognito mode, perform the same procedure by changing the location switch.

Block screen with Feature Phone

Most Feature Phones also include a function in the settings menu to hide the call number permanently. You will find this setting in the settings menu of your mobile phone in the section dedicated to calls.

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