How Do You Control What Facebook Ads You See?

This is how you can control the Facebook ads you see in your news feed, sidebar, and Facebook app.

We can guarantee that Facebook thinks you like a lot of weird stuff, and that this affects the Facebook ads you see every day.

Remember when you posted a funny meme about Chris Pratt or joked about North Korea after watching Team America? There’s a good chance Facebook will think you’re a Pratt fan and want to see more about North Korea and Pyongyang.

We are not making this up. This guide will show you what Facebook ads think you’re interested in – this allows marketers to target you on Facebook and the Facebook app.

How to Control Facebook Ads

If you want to stop seeing ads for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, or see ads for weird stuff you’re not really interested in, you can manage your Facebook ad preferences.

How to control facebook ads.

Facebook ads are based on your interests as well as the actions you take on Facebook and anywhere online. Yes, this includes searches and websites you visit outside of Facebook. This is why sometimes you may see a highly relevant ad on Facebook without entering this information on Facebook.

Over time, Facebook creates a list of your interests based on what you search and do online. Here’s what Facebook ads think you’re interested in and how you can control them.

  1. Go to your Facebook ads preferences.
  2. If prompted, log into your account.
  3. Click the arrow next to the different sections to see what your “interests” are.
  4. When you see someone you don’t like, you can click the X on the right.

You can hover over the little i logo to the right of a particular item to see why Facebook thinks you liked it.

Find out why you're seeing Facebook ads.

Find out why you’re seeing Facebook ads.

Clicking on the name of the person of interest will give you more information about the Facebook ad preference. You can then make similar choices to change the Facebook ads you see.

Note that when you remove an interest from Facebook ads, you may still see similar ads based on your other preferences. There is no option to completely delete the slate.

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Managing your Facebook ad preferences does not change the number of Facebook ads you see. This only affects how relevant the ads are.

Check Facebook ads in your news feed.

Check Facebook ads in your news feed.

Another option is to click on preferences when you see it in your news feed. This allows you to click on a smiley face if you like it and a frown face if you don’t. You can do this from your news feed.

Facebook ads in the sidebar allow you to click an X to tell Facebook to hide the ad, tell Facebook you already have it, find out why you saw it, or say it’s useful.

If you still need more control over your Facebook experience, you can block political posts on Facebook with this free tool.

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