How to Customize Galaxy S10 Punch Hole Screen to Show Battery and Notifications

While Samsung has avoided bringing a notch to its phones in the past, this year it went with the punch-hole display for the Galaxy S10 series. We’ve already seen some clever uses for this punch-hole display. I especially loved the customized wallpapers for S10 devices that uniquely enhance the look of the device. That’s great, but did you know you can customize the punch hole to act as a battery and notification indicator? If you haven’t, we are here to help you. Here’s how you can customize the Samsung Galaxy S10 punch-hole display to show battery and notifications.

Customize Punch Hole As Battery Indicator

1. Download and install Energy Ring (FreeIn-app purchases) Application from Play Store. This app supports all Galaxy S10 models including S10e, S10 and S10+. On first startup, it will ask for several permissions to work properly. Enable notification access and then let the app stay on top of the UI.

2. After that you can: Customize the battery indicator using the ring origin. You can also adjust the thickness according to your preference. Also, you can change the charging animation with various options. The Acceleration I like the most looks pretty cool while charging.

Customizing the Energy Ring

3. You can you can even customize the colors of the ring, but this is a paid feature. However, the app lets you test this feature for free. You can see the charging animation below in action.

Customize Punch Hole as Notification Indicator

1. Always Load to the Edge – Edge Lighting (FreeIn-app purchases) Download the app from Play Store and launch it. Tap on the settings icon at the top and Allow all necessary permissions.

customize settings2. Now scroll down and disable “manually, I only open the app when I want” checkbox. Just below, enable the “when notification arrives” checkbox and select “always, off or on”.
changing settings3. Now scroll down again and find the enable edge lighting section. Here, change the lighting location to “around the notch only”. Also, change the edge style to “follow”. Finally, scroll to the bottom and tap the Save button. Note that you may see some ads if you are using the free version, so you will need to review them.

save settings4. Now when will you receive a notificationThe edges of the punch cut will light up as a notification indicator.. Also, there are many features to explore in the app so you can use it according to your own need.

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Samsung has improved its hardware and software game a lot. It not only gave us the punch-hole screen design that looked incredible, but also changed the entire UI and made it lighter and faster. The new interface, called One UI, is actually really good. If Samsung continues its improvements, it will become the de facto premium smartphone for Android users.

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Enjoy Notification Light and Battery Indicator in Perforated Screen

Note that while you can use both apps at the same time, sometimes the “double tap to wake up” feature can break. That being said, the problem isn’t big enough to deter me from using these apps at the same time. If you don’t want to deal with problems, you can always use just one of these apps. I’m sure this issue will be fixed with future updates. Anyway, let us know if you liked this article. If you want to share your favorite hole customization apps with us, let us know in the comments section below.

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